Meet Chief Ninawa Huni Kui, who is fighting to save the Amazon forest

"We're not just fighting for our families. We're also fighting for you. We need your support." Despite receiving death threats, he continues to fight for the Amazon forest. Brut met with Chief Ninawa Huni Kui, spokesperson for one of the largest groups of Indigenous people in Brazil.

29/09/2021 20:04actualizado: 29/09/2021 20:06


  • Naeema M.
    02/10/2021 13:38

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  • Robin J.
    01/10/2021 11:07

    I'm glad this platform is allowing indigenous peoples of Brazil to be heard! Too often, colonization forces get the messaging and block out the population that has been in the region because the colonizers just come to take. Brazil's government of recent years has encouraged burning and clear-cutting while attacking the indigenous communities. From the climate perspective, loosing the rainforest of the Amazon is terrifying. The indigenous communities are not unconnected to the rest of the world and that allows them the ability to reach outside influences. He mentioned the Yanomami. I got my degree in Cultural Anthropology and remember learning about connecting with these people many decades ago, when they were not incorporated into the wider communities of European-based colonial occupation. This was presented to me as a perspective piece. The difference between the visitor who came to interact and learn but also to understand how the visitor was perceived by the Yanomami people. Cultural Anthropology is all about context in a culture and how different communities exist around each other, so as a student watching the film by the European visitor, we were getting that person's perspective but watching both trying to understand where the people interacted and how the visitor needed to honor boundaries that the Yanomami set. It is all too often, a country with an international presence, such as Brazil (in this case) gets to claim the narrative and pushes the indigenous communities to the side with a concept that they aren't modern peoples (which is nonsense because they have to live and fight oppression with the tools of today, to continue to exist). The last I'd heard of the indigenous peoples of Brazil, they were fighting the construction of a hydroelectric dam that would flood and displace whole communities.

  • Vijay M.
    30/09/2021 23:44

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  • Gary C.
    29/09/2021 22:01

    Blah,blah, blah..I agree , But China owns Brasília and they want their soy so your forest must go.

  • Carolyne E.
    29/09/2021 20:45

    Thank you. ❤👏

  • Darrell M.
    29/09/2021 20:29

    Something that’s this important shouldn’t be unheard, it’s a generational legacy that the rainforests of our planet provide 🌎 . They sustain a fine balance in our climate & production of oxygen we all need.