When fiction becomes real with Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones told Brut how their stories can sometimes leak out of the Black Mirror into the real world. 🌚🌝

05/04/2019 14:33actualizado: 05/04/2019 20:08
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  • 杨议斐
    20/08/2019 02:08

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  • Jay C.
    08/06/2019 11:39

    I wonder what she thinks?

  • Amy F.
    06/06/2019 15:05

    If you’re going to have two people in the interview they should both contribute... poor Annabel got in a couple of “yeahs” and the one full sentence she did try to say she was interrupted, contradicted, and pointed at... and just as she was about to open her mouth again the video ended... literally the last thing you hear is her gasp!