Dear Teachers, Don't Be Bullies

"You're garbage", "stupid", "a failure". Mansi Poddar's school bullies were some of her own teachers. She asks educators out there to lift students up when they fail, not tear them down. TW: Suicidal thoughts, bullying.

17/02/2021 18:17
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  • Margie W.
    2 días

    😢😢😢 how have these bully, sadists teachers ever been allowed to teach in the first place. We are all scarred by these sick people. Stay strong.... You are doing great things. 🐯🐾🙏🙏😷😷😷😷

  • Ar L.
    3 días

    Thinking about the number of teachers who bullied me. Shamed me. The teachers would practically throw adjectives at me for their personal satisfaction. Today I'm an architect and designer, artist, author/poet to two books and counting, upcoming podcaster and most importantly a proud woman, who is her own person. Most importantly my parents were my warriors in battle. Never did they listen to a complaint of me. So was one school teacher of mine whom I call my mentor for life. I didn't believe in what these self proclaimed amazing teachers had to say. I just kept going. To all those teachers who think they're doing the right thing by bullying your students, you just proved you are no worthy an example to follow and my pities to you. To those who get bullied, trust me never give up. BElieve in YOU. Cause at end of the day, it's you beyond everything that you think comes with you.

  • Shagufta R.
    3 días

    First step in solution of problem is to acknowledge it and u took courage to highlight that children in school r also mistreated psychologically.

  • Shî V.
    5 días

    I can proudly say that my father is also a teacher but he never bullies those students who get less marks, instead he just pay a lil more attention to them... To push them ahead Love you baba☺️🌼

  • Gita K.
    5 días the same as u...

  • Rinky Y.
    6 días


  • Shubhashri S.
    15/04/2021 19:12

    I saw Ms Manasi Podar's tedtalk a few days back....she is a true inspiration

  • Souradeep B.
    14/04/2021 05:22

    we definitely have our fare share of such experiences!

  • Shanti S.
    13/04/2021 17:30

    Yes teachers have huge impact on defining future of children, they should remember this fact, always.

  • Mangala G.
    13/04/2021 03:04

    Everybody don’t watch this,it’s good if you write to educational ministry or Smriti Iraniji,and tell to all teachers,my daughter has still scars though she is CA and settled in Australia

  • Deepak M.
    12/04/2021 17:59

    Pkka kuch teachers ki yeh video dekh ke jali hogi.... Aese teachers ko jo mentally harash krte h or mentally preshan krte h inko teaching m rakhna hi nhi chahiye ...sayd gyaan inme boht ho lene jae inka gyan agr inko pta hi nhi ki kese treat kre students ko or kese unki preshani smjhe .

  • Phani M.
    11/04/2021 15:57

    Apt in the competitive world

  • Devika M.
    11/04/2021 14:49

    All the teachers are not same..

  • Shifnaz F.
    11/04/2021 04:40

    Proud of u dear

  • Tanya K.
    09/04/2021 15:59


  • Sudarshana S.
    09/04/2021 05:56

    Its an utterly important message- if ppl have slightest sense of empathizing, then they should understand what its all about

  • Husna M.
    08/04/2021 21:25

    Teachers need to get THERAPY..

  • Manju K.
    06/04/2021 09:47


  • Shamna S.
    05/04/2021 19:27

    I did all of my schooling outside of India except for 4th grade and I was shocked by how different the teaching situation was.... Where I watched kneeling outside the class or being sent to the principals office as the go to punishment abroad, it was replaced by a cane, harsh pinches and physical pain in India.... Although I only spent 1 year in the schooling system in India, it opened my eyes to how not to treat a child who is under your care and guidance.... I hope we have more compassionate teachers for the sake of our children.... Physical or mental abuse never made anyone fare better... Not in school, not at home....

  • Bitasta S.
    03/04/2021 06:12

    see this❤