Falling In Forbidden Love In India

Has India turned dangerous for inter-faith lovers?

30/11/2021 14:05actualizado: 30/11/2021 14:07
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  • Vasu A.
    2 días

    Aur jab ladki ko convert kara denge to agle din news aaega kya gunha tha ladki ka

  • Rohit T.
    2 días

    Well done 👍🏼

  • Ivan L.
    2 días


  • Pranjal V.
    2 días

    Pheli baar pyar hi hota hai phir convert hone ke liye torture hota hai aur nahi mani toh katal ye masoom sa chera baad mai katarnaak ho jata hai

  • Raju C.
    3 días

    One side hypocrisy by brut ....😂😂

  • Shahnawaz P.
    3 días


  • Ganesh J.
    3 días

    What about when the victim is a Hindu boy & muslim girl ???? Will you agree you wicked looking women ? All these are a drama of playing victim card & telecasting in international news ? You bloody bigot .All these nataks are part of love jihad

  • Narayanasa P.
    3 días

    Brut, love jihad exists.... you cannot deny just to upease one community for the very sake to blame bjp or modi.... baised journalism.... not good, you are harmful to this country

  • Vikas T.
    3 días

    Muslim community should be agree if any hindu person marries muslim women

  • Prasad J.
    4 días

    This is not anything new that's happening from few years, but it's been there from hundreds of years. Yes with social media such issues are coming to public knowledge and many times distorted. Basically Hindu families marriages are fixed by parents, and most stick with one life partner. Where as it is well known in other religions it's okay to have multiple partners. And that's something which scares a Hindu family getting their children married to non Hindus.

  • Aakash V.
    4 días

    Brut India once again antihindu. You don’t you see the murders of thousands of Hindu boys for loving Muslim girls. Murder is murder irrespective of religion then why show only one-sided. Cheap minded brute India always anti-nationall

  • Jitaindra M.
    4 días

    What about the girls status and future safety after marrying muslim man ... Do you have a record of the rules and living standard different between both religions Who earn who run family who care....these are none of business after marrying hindu girl You also must have to collect data of these failed love stories Otherwise your this video is only pretending muslin baterbaaj as a inncocent person

  • امتياز ح.
    4 días

    Shame on such india and it’s citizens in Karnataka for killing a guy for just falling in love with a Hindu girl. What kind of generation we are living in we’re even falling in love with a girl is also a crime..! Would you expect the same if Muslim people does the same..?

  • Yunchhohang L.
    4 días

    Oo yes Hindus may have god too many it's impossible to even memorize them all but what they lack is the god inside them and all they do is exactly opposite of what they pray for

  • Bharath G.
    4 días

    Many Hindu temple and culture heritage center of history has been demolished by Muslim community , Hindu religion were harassment in Pak and Bangladesh also these are parts of India before 1947 now suffering for support, officially check out . In india Muslim community where safe as compared to hindu . In 1947 we got independence but india became 3 Part 〽️ 1 Pakistan Muslim country. 2 Bangladesh Muslim country. 3 india secular country Where is hindu country ...? We also need atleast One country in the favour of Hindu temple and culture. Where as Muslim community rapidly increasing their population breaking all rules . Nation is in risk !!! #Hindu temple in Pakistan and Bangladesh, #help Hindu minorities in Bangladesh and Pakistan, #help National security in India from terrorist organisation, #help national integrity...!!!

  • Varun T.
    5 días

    If this was other way round then it was acceptable !

  • Rajib D.
    5 días

    being an hindu here we cant marry a bhramin girl hahaha aur eye to namazi hai 😂😂

  • Gaurav S.
    5 días

    Dont spread fake news Love jihad word was given by govt of kerala in 2008 when a group of people were given task to marry hindu girls

  • Samir D.
    5 días

    There are literally hundreds of cases where Non Muslim being killed by muslim girl family members bcz their daughter was in relationship with those guys. There cases where muslim boy in broad daylight shoot a hindu girl bcz she was interested in her. But such e portal won't show that side of the society. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Radhika S.
    5 días

    Did brut India ever made a video on love jihad....have u made video on a girl that was found in a suitcase because she denied changing her faith?