The life of Elon Musk

He plans to connect our brains to computers and colonize Mars. This is the life of Elon Musk.

21/05/2020 12:29
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  • Chirag S.
    20 horas

    He got hair plugs.

  • Şhãņ Đ.
    un día

    🛸🌈🍄 ✓ l.s.d ✓ .m.d.m.a ✓s.h.r.o.o.m.s✓ .d.m.t ✓ Wickr : lordethan Snap👻:ethan_lord420

  • Ricardo J.
    un día

    People smile and believe in him, not because of the credentials of his daily words , but because of his financial status in the society. Society portrays that he who is a billionaire, automatically gets a high social credentials and is highly believable in every single word he says.

  • Mike S.
    un día

    The super villain we all deserve

  • Heath L.
    un día

    I would recommend he saves the rain forest, cleans the oceans, protects the poor and children who are trafficked before doing his ego projects on other peoples money.

  • Aster C.
    un día

    , watch this.

  • Aroti B.
    un día

    wow amazing; very nice, fantastic view; all the best !

  • Nick M.
    un día

    interesting watch!

  • Vivian A.
    2 días

    He is a coward, ran to avoid serving in the military. Just like his buddy trump. Ted nugent is also a coward. Those of us that have family members that fought in wars for the freedom of others hate these cowards. I am one who was not taking into the military because of my health and because my oldest brother was drafted into the army to go and fight in the Vietnam war where he was shot but survived and was able to come home to our family . There were and are alot of soldiers that get that option. They come home in boxes. These cowards stay home and party it up. I hate these type of people and in the future I hope and pray they make all serve in the military at least 2 years at the age of 21.

  • Michael A.
    2 días

    We know your not an alien, you are batman.

  • Lucky N.
    2 días

    You are the allien elon wasbrain, you are danger to humanity!!!

  • Gary J.
    2 días

    A unique visionary that makes aspirations come true, walks among us. His name, Elon👍

  • Bobby M.
    2 días

    “Colonize” - he carries a white male genetic disorder.

  • Aguillon J.
    2 días

    Why the name of his child is like a Cyborgs name😂😂😂

  • Raymon E.
    2 días

    ito sya oh. Si elon musk

  • Navi R.
    2 días


  • Abdul R.
    2 días

    Colonize Mars.. Oh yea God you take them white folks with ya, we need peace here on earth. What a useless thought from a prevelaged white..

  • Peter L.
    2 días


  • Chin J.
    3 días

    Maybe let's solve the problems here on Earth before colonizing another planets. There's so many things we can do for our planet using those big chunks of money; help the poor & make our own planet a habitable place again. Let's solve inequality between the richest & the poor, though I didn't disagree to his idea coz' I really love science but let's do a reality check first ☺️

  • Timmy R.
    3 días

    I remember that aftershave