Inside Virat Kohli’s Captaincy Spell

5 things that made Kohli India’s most influential captain ever…

21/01/2022 5:10actualizado: 24/01/2022 23:05
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  • Dipojjwal G.
    13/02/2022 11:44

    Escaped when team was down..lost all ICC tournaments with best team in the world..Tried to steal credits of others..Created nexus with Shastri..Mistreated Indian greats like Anil..Never gave due credit to Rahane Pujara for driving team home with crucial wins..

  • Syed U.
    06/02/2022 21:34

    Its him who made this team unbeaten

  • Rajesh S.
    01/02/2022 03:21

    King Kohli all time favourite player 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ahsan S.
    29/01/2022 05:43

    In the last world cup he famously said India team and players are cowards in the ground catching breath and trying to make sense if they aren't on indian soil. They are Bangladesh + at best.

  • Gaurav J.
    26/01/2022 01:17

    * he blamed himself when the team lost" aisa kab hua 😂

  • Karthik M.
    25/01/2022 17:31

    PURE BULLSHIT. He was lucky to have a good team. He was lucky to get good results despite his poor performances

  • Khush S.
    25/01/2022 15:33

    Glad that he's sacked.

  • Nimai N.
    25/01/2022 03:42

    And still can't manage to win world cup

  • ھارون خ.
    24/01/2022 21:41

    Took the team to its ebb..

  • Amir S.
    24/01/2022 18:33

    Many Many Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 Pakistani cricket at its Best 💓💓💓 Proud of You Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Now it's time to teach some cricket 😁😁😁 You know what I mean 😂😂😂

  • Harpreet S.
    24/01/2022 04:06

    As usual BCCI came into picture & rest is history. 😭😭

  • Jagannath D.
    23/01/2022 19:56

    This is the same guy who said i will continue captaincy in Test & ODIs. Now, he resigned from Test captaincy. Aab iska kya matlab nikaloge? Utter arrogance. Selectors have the right to choose a captain. Is he the king of BCCI? Currently India was doing well under his captaincy in Test. Still he didn't think twice before leaving the job. Ego first, nation 2nd.

  • Jagannath D.
    23/01/2022 19:50

    Blamed himself? Kab bhai? Haarne ke baad hamesha former Indian teams ko nicha dikhaya taki khud ko bacha sake. Number of times he along with shastri criticized former Indian teams & captains in overseas press conferences like anything. Is this how u respect the legacy?

  • Aju J.
    23/01/2022 17:47

    Ideal time to glorify Kohli when Indian team lost the series under KL Rahul who should not be in the National team itself.It will definitely change when Rohit comes back as captain.

  • Srijana S.
    23/01/2022 11:15

    Whatever....the performance by our Indian team against South Africa is👎👎👎😏😏😏

  • Daniel S.
    23/01/2022 10:29

    No matter what people say about Virat, I like his aggression especially against bad mouth Aussies.

  • Hamid K.
    23/01/2022 04:33

    No one other than Kohli admire Pakistani players, he is a lovely guy♥️

  • Rajarshi B.
    23/01/2022 03:38


  • Mohammed S.
    22/01/2022 22:10

    Yes, so true he blamed himself when the team lost...yet people do not recognize the real leader.

  • Sufiyan Q.
    22/01/2022 21:03

    No doubt one of the most successful test captain indian cricket has ever came across, indeed a KING 👑