She is fighting for women's rights in Egypt with her bike

A woman riding a bike in Cairo is not something you see every day. To normalise it, Nouran Salah created an NGO... 🚲

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Everything you need to know about Greta Thunberg

At only 16, she has become an icon for the fight against climate change. This is Greta Thunberg's story. ✊

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Polar Vortex and Heatwave Happening Simultaneously

On opposite ends of the globe, people are suffering through hot and cold extremes. 😱

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The EU launches infringement procedure against Austria

Adjusting childcare allowances for foreign children? Austria just passed that law, and it's not exactly in line with EU rules...

Snow around the world

Closed roads, cancelled flights, traffic jams... How do other countries deal with snow? ❄

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Ndaba Mandela wants to help develop African countries

"Let us develop these countries, for Africa and by Africa." At 36, he's invested in developing African countries and empowering African youth. This is Ndaba Mandela, Nelson Mandela's grandson.

Rose Cartwright has a different kind of OCD

Most people have sexual or violent thoughts they can dismiss. Rose Cartwright can’t. She has a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called Pure O... 🤯

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In Denmark, the forest is a classroom

Preschools in Denmark have found a new way to think outside of the box. With the forest as their classroom, children are developing a strong sense of autonomy. 🍂

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3 Queen Elizabeth outfit conspiracies

Nobody knows what the Queen really thinks. But royal watchers now have a new theory- has she been sending out messages through her choice of outfit? 😲👑

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Rachel Riley opens up about online abuse

"Knowledge and truth are our only weapons." After facing online abuse, here is Rachel Riley's plea to keep growing anti-Semitism in check. This comes after a shock poll from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust showing that 1 in 20 Britons don't believe the Holocaust happened.

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