Men VS Women in French football


Following WW1, women were banned from the pitch in the UK and France. Almost 100 years later, here’s how they’re still facing gender inequality in football. ⚽

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The Dutch doctor helping women have abortions


In Northern Ireland, a woman can be imprisoned for having an abortion. This Dutch doctor and activist is making them more accessible.

Glastonbury 1994 #tbt


Do you remember Glastonbury 1994? This is why no one who was there does either. 🍄#tbt

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Trisha Goddard on reality TV and mental health


It may seem like it’s all glitter and gold but this is why Trisha Goddard says you should be aware of the darker reality behind reality TV.

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Angela Eagle defends LGBT issues in education


“We aren’t going to get back in the closet, or hide, or be ashamed of the way we are... And nor are we going to allow this to happen in the name of religion.” This is Angela Eagle’s tearful plea to continue teaching LGBT issues to primary school pupils, after months of religious protests in Birmingham. 🌈

Decode: The true cost of Harry and Meghan's Frogmore Cottage


Harry and Meghan’s renovations are costing taxpayers £2.4 million, but the cottage is also part of an estate that brings in millions per year. Here’s how:

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The life of Madonna


She's the biggest pop star alive. At 60 years old, she has just come out with her 14th album, which aims to inspire people to action. This is Madonna's life story:

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Venezuelan boy with leukaemia


This 5-year-old Venezuelan boy is suffering from leukaemia, but his country lacks the resources for treatment that could potentially save him.

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The number of low-income countries have halved


"Globally, extreme poverty has dropped to 700 million at the last count." The number of low-income countries has halved in almost 20 years, and its largely thanks to globalisation. At least, that's what the World Bank stated in its recent report.

If I was unemployed around the world...


In the UK, I'd get a jobseeker's allowance but for no longer than six months. What is it like to be unemployed around the world?

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