Animals accused of espionage

This friendly beluga was accused of being a Russian spy after it was picked up off the coast of Norway. It wouldn’t be the first animal suspected of international espionage... Here are 3 others. 🕵️🐬

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The ragpickers of Bulgaria

She is paid barely nothing and suffers daily scorn for being one of Bulgaria's "ragpickers." But there are people fighting for her, and others, to get recognition for their valuable work.

A hospital in the forest

This Norwegian hospital among the trees aims to ease the stress of child patients. 🌲⚕️🌲

UK Parliament declares climate emergency

The UK Parliament has just become the first in the world to declare an environment and climate emergency.

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Style & Sustain blogger Amma Aburam on fair fashion

It was #FashionRevolution week a few days ago, but for London-based fair fashion blogger Style & Sustain, it’s a daily revolution. Here is what she has to say about the fast fashion industry and how to combat it:

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Local currencies around the UK

They encourage local spending, reduce carbon emissions and strengthen communities. Local currencies can be found all over the UK. 💸

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Priest calls out leaders after journalist's killing

"Why... does it take the death of 29 year old woman to get to this point?" After the killing of a young author and journalist, this priest called out UK and Irish leaders gathered for her funeral.

This 10yo sells his paintings to help the homeless

At 4, Arthur had the idea of selling his drawings to buy sandwiches for homeless people. Now 10 years old, his plans have become a lot more ambitious. This is his story. 🏠

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"Birth striking" in protest at climate collapse

"How to continue within a species that has become so emphatically suicidal?" Blythe Pepino wants children but refuses to have them in the face of climate catastrophe. She told Brut why she became a birth striker.

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Meet Emma Thompson

At 16, she was an environmental activist. No, it's not Greta Thunberg... it's Emma Thompson.

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