Saloni Saraf, kathak dancer in London


"There’s nothing else that I could possibly do." According to this young dancer, here is why global dance forms should be more represented in the UK. 💃

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The life story of Gareth Thomas


10 years ago, he became the first professional rugby player to come out as openly gay. This is the life story of Gareth Thomas. 💪

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You can taste insects at the Parisian restaurant


From cricket steaks to mealworm pasta, this French restaurants serves the best you can eat when it comes to insects. The best part? It could contribute to saving the world...

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A hospital in the forest


This Norwegian hospital among the trees aims to ease the stress of child patients. 🌲⚕️🌲

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Sylvie chose to live in a tiny house


Sylvie chose to live in a tiny house in France. Her 20m² home suits her lifestyle perfectly. Here is her story:

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Grime: The UK's most important and misunderstood music


Aggressive, abrasive... and responsible for inciting violent crime across the UK? Grime artists have been fighting these perceptions for over 15 years. Now they say their music's cultural significance can no longer be ignored.

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In Denmark, the forest is a classroom


Preschools in Denmark have found a new way to think outside of the box. With the forest as their classroom, children are developing a strong sense of autonomy. 🍂

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The life of Karl Marx


His grave was defaced twice in a week- but this giant of 20th century history died over 130 years ago. This is the story of the rebellious drinker whose ideas shaped our world: Karl Marx.

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Code First: Girls wants to break women into tech


Changing perceptions, building community and boosting confidence in women: This is how Code First: Girls aims to tackle massive gender imbalance in the tech industry.

Pet therapy in retirement homes


This retirement home found a new way to improve the well-being of their residents. It's called pet therapy.

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