Is it legal for the UK to make people stateless?

Shamima Begum has been stripped of her UK citizenship. But is it legal for the government to leave her stateless?

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Lithium in Bolivia

It's known as the "white gold" of Bolivia. Lithium may be powering phones, electric cars and computers, but mining it comes at a cost.

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The life of Karl Marx

His grave was defaced twice in a week- but this giant of 20th century history died over 130 years ago. This is the story of the rebellious drinker whose ideas shaped our world: Karl Marx.

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Thousands march against anti-Semitism in Paris

"To make trouble for the troublemakers." After a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in France, this man gathered with thousands of others in Paris to protest.

5 things the UK government can do to end fast fashion

A group of MPs have handed in 5 suggestions on what the UK government can do to end fast fashion. They have 2 months to respond. ⏰

Christian Bale on Dick Cheney

Christian Bale got under the skin of one of modern America's most controversial figures in Vice, but what burning question would he ask Dick Cheney if he met him IRL? That's exactly what he told Brut.

Copwatching in the US and the UK

Filming the police at work is called 'copwatching', a practice that's become popularised over the years. 👀

Chris(tine and the Queens) talks about her stage personas

After becoming a global pop star following the release of her first album, Christine and the Queens changed stage persona. Here, she explains her newfound femininity:

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Greta Thunberg's fight for a better world.

16 year old Greta Thunberg is inspiring climate action across Europe. Speaking to Brut, this is how the Swedish activist said she would confront Theresa May if she met her in person.

5 things the El Chapo trial unveiled

El Chapo was recently found guilty on all 10 charges against him. Here are 5 things about him the trial unveiled.

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