David Bowie on growing older


David Bowie's message to young people about ageing, on what would have been his 72nd birthday. 👨‍🎤

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One foot in the rave


Move your feet and warm your heart at The Posh Club- a UK club-night dedicated to curing loneliness among the over-60s. 👴💖👵 🎵 💃🕺

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The meat farmer who went vegan


"It was unbearable." He reared, milked and slaughtered cows for decades, but Jay Wilde at Bradley Nook Farm decided he'd had enough of the cruelty involved in dairy and meat farming and went vegan. This is his story.

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Cracked It helps youth at risk of crime


"People are driven into crime by their circumstances." Josh is steering youth at risk away from crime by employing them to fix smartphones. Here is his story.📱

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His arm is straight out of a video game


"I'm standing out differently in a really good, cool way." Born without a right arm, he gave up wearing a prosthetic growing up because it made him feel inadequate. This is how one robotics company, and a videogame, changed his life.

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In Denmark, the forest is a classroom


Preschools in Denmark have found a new way to think outside of the box. With the forest as their classroom, children are developing a strong sense of autonomy. 🍂

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Poet Hollie McNish on loneliness


Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions in the UK, but Hollie Poetry may have found the solution. 🤔

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The London refugee pop-up


Gift shopping for Christmas only to leave empty-handed? This is how the pop-up store Help Refugees opened in London is helping refugees. 🤝

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Digby the guide horse


Horses aren't the obvious choice of animal to assist visually impaired people- but here's why they can sometimes do the job better than dogs. 🐎

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Nurses should be valued says Christie Watson


"What matters in the end for all of us will be kindness and compassion and care." After working on the frontlines of the NHS for 20 years, Christie Watson has this simple request- that we value the work of nurses.

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