If I wanted get an abortion in Europe...


While abortion laws in the US are getting tighter, some countries in Europe are far from legalising abortions at all...

Theresa May, Boris Johnson and the "glass cliff"


Women set up to fail in powerful positions before a man takes over. It's called the "glass cliff", and this is why it applies to Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

Binita's fight for women's right to education


"My father left me because I was a daughter." From a young age, Binita has been fighting to show her dad and the world that women aren't weak, and that they deserve equal rights. She tells us her story.

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Getting arrested isn't necessary to join Extinction Rebellion


It may seem that way, but getting arrested isn't a prerequisite for joining Extinction Rebellion. This youth coordinator explains:

A day in the life of a climate activist


Uncooperative crusties and hippies in heaving hemp bivouacs... They've been called many names, but here is what it's really like to pound the streets as a climate activist. ✌

Vaping around the world


Vaping is seen in some countries as an aid to help smokers quit tobacco. In others, e-cigarettes are public health nuisances to be outright banned. Here's the situation around the world. 🖊️💨

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"Follow your instinct. You know yourself best." Here's what Charli XCX told Brut about how the music industry treats gender equality- and also some advice for younger artists on how to navigate it.

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The paddle boarder with Pacific ambition


This is how one man crossed the world's largest ocean using only his arms- and a passion for the environment. 💪🐟

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The last French lighthouse keepers


There are no lighthouse keepers left in the UK, but this is what life is like for France's remaining live-in keepers. Spoiler: It's not as romantic as you might think. 💡🚢🥵

Steel Warriors want to turn knives into a force for good


"If it's to stop knife crime.. I will help." This is how calisthenics influencer Small Spartan Jay - Barsparta teamed up with Steel Warriors to design a gym made out of confiscated knives and help get more youth off the streets.

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