CEO chose to reduce working time to 5 hours


For some, working a 5 hour day is a dream. For these workers, it's a dream come true.

Raymond Watson made art out of a troubled past


This is the story of Raymond, who lost his freedom in the Irish Troubles and later found redemption in a prison relic.

Jilly Moss' daughter contracted measles


"They thought that she was a doll... That my husband was from a pharmaceutical company." After her baby contracted measles, this is Jilly Moss' passionate plea to ignore anti-vaccination claims online.

Life chances rich vs poor in the UK


If you are born into one of the UK's poorer families, you are likely to die 10 years younger than someone born into a wealthy family. This is how the rest of your life might compare.

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Lewis Capaldi exposes himself on a Paris bus tour


"The Eiffel tower is a lot smaller in person. I've heard that before!" Lewis Capaldi has had number 1 hits in the UK and US, but he's never exposed himself on an open-top bus tour of Paris- until Brut invited him to. 🚌🇫🇷

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The UK vs the Netherlands on floods


Most of the UK is prone to flooding, and so is the Netherlands. This is why they're much better prepared. 🌊

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Matty Healy from The 1975 on his search for meaning


"I live in the UK in 2019. I’m angry." This is The 1975 frontman Matty Healy's personal quest for meaning.

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Improving shopping for people with disabilities


November sales and Christmas shopping may be all the rage, but for people with disabilities it can be a nightmare. 🛍

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Fighting for disability in business


Fearing discrimination, Caroline Casey hid her sight problems from her employer for 11 years. This is her demand for better understanding from the business world.

The life story of Alan Moore


Watchmen HBO has one name conspicuously missing from its credits: English eccentric and original creator Alan Moore. This is his story, and why he can't bear to see his work onscreen.

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