Julia Föry, champion bodybuilder

At 29 years old, Julia Föry is a bodybuilding champion. Here is what she has to say about her journey, her body and her femininity.

London's 1947 heatwave

News came out today that by 2050, London’s climate will be similar to that of Barcelona. Back in 1947, Londoners were already frying… #TBT

Tall tales from the Tour de France

Here are 5 strange facts about the Tour de France you probably haven’t heard before. 🚲🇫🇷

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Why environmental pledges don't go far enough

They’ve declared a climate emergency, promised to be net zero by 2050 and pledged money for climate aid. But the UK government could do better. Here’s why.

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How to succeed with Arsène Wenger

Legendary Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger knows a thing or two about winning. Here are his 5 top tips for success in life.

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David Attenborough on young people and climate change

"It is their futures that are in our hands." This is what Sir David Attenborough had to say to MPs during a committee on climate change.

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4 tips for a better night's sleep

Waking up feeling tired? Can't seem to concentrate? Here are four ways you can improve your sleeping patterns.

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Why is the U.S. football world cup team so good?

Here's the reason why the US side in the Football World Cup could be the toughest opponents of all. ⚠️⚽⚠️

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If I was a prisoner around the world...

The UK has one of the highest incarceration rates in Europe. Here is what it's like to be a prisoner elsewhere in the world:

Muhammad Yunus, Danone Nations Cup ambassador

"The children tell us that we miss something on the way." Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus has chosen to sponsor the world's largest football tournament for children aged 10 to 12: the Danone Nations Cup. Here's why. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

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