Mahua Moitra's Speech on Fascism in India

"If you would just open your eyes, you would see that there are signs everywhere." This Indian MP took down the Modi government with her speech on the early signs of fascism throughout the country.

Ann Widdecombe vs. the EU

Ann Widdecombe started her new (well-paid) job as an MEP comparing the EU to “slave owners” and “feudal lords”. 🤔

Crossing to France in 1961

Before Britain joined the EU, crossing the Channel was a lot like this. #tbt

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Meanwhile... in Hong Kong

Meanwhile in Hong Kong... Parliament has been invaded by protesters. Hundreds of anti-China demonstrators broke in and raised a flag from the British colonial era.

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Adam Pearson on disability rights and social media

His condition lead to harassment throughout his life. But Adam Pearson has a simple solution to combat discrimination…

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The story of the NHS

Here's the incredible tale behind Britain's best loved institution- and the one most likely to keep you alive. 👩‍⚕️💓👨‍⚕️

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Brexit MEPs turn their back on the EU

Brexit Party MEPs are already stirring trouble on their first day at European Parliament. 🙄🇪🇺

Men VS Women in French football

Following WW1, women were banned from the pitch in the UK and France. Almost 100 years later, here’s how they’re still facing gender inequality in football. ⚽

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The Dutch doctor helping women have abortions

In Northern Ireland, a woman can be imprisoned for having an abortion. This Dutch doctor and activist is making them more accessible.

Glastonbury 1994 #tbt

Do you remember Glastonbury 1994? This is why no one who was there does either. 🍄#tbt

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