Hotels that Help


The UK's homelessness crisis became unbearable for student Tom Nevitt after his own difficult personal experiences. This is how he single-handedly launched his non profit Hotels That Help.

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Millions Protest in Global Climate Strike


Millions of young people took to the streets on Friday to protest their governments' inaction on the climate crisis. This is their message. 🌍

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Munroe Bergdorf on TERFs and anti-trans hate crimes


"I need wider society to start doing their job." As a public figure, Munroe Bergdorf has had her fair share of anti-trans harassment. Here, she explains why the UK is riddled with transphobia:

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Fighting rising hate and feeding the poor with Bearded Broz


Fed up with the rising anti-Muslim sentiment and grinding poverty around him, this Midlands activist founded Bearded Broz to help the most desperate in his community.

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Enid Blyton's life story


Banned by the BBC for almost 30 years, her writing continues to be labelled sexist and racist. And yet Enid Blyton is still regarded as one of the best known and loved children's authors of all time. This is her story.

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What is the menopause?


It's still a taboo. This is what really happens to a woman's body during menopause.

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Sam Smith comes out as non-binary


"Maybe I'm just just me. And maybe that's ok." From shame to acceptance- this is how SAM SMITH came to realise he was non-binary and genderqueer.

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5 countries that survived without a government


Northern Ireland has spent the last two years without a working government. But it's not the only country to have survived this kind of feat...

How some manicures are toxic


It may seem routine, but getting your nails done can actually be quite dangerous for both you and the manicurist. Here is how:

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London vs Europe on transport innovation


From bus stops for bees to paying for your ticket with recycleable plastic: London could learn from these European innovations. 🐝

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