Angela Eagle defends LGBT issues in education

“We aren’t going to get back in the closet, or hide, or be ashamed of the way we are... And nor are we going to allow this to happen in the name of religion.” This is Angela Eagle’s tearful plea to continue teaching LGBT issues to primary school pupils, after months of religious protests in Birmingham. 🌈

Decode: The true cost of Harry and Meghan's Frogmore Cottage

Harry and Meghan’s renovations are costing taxpayers £2.4 million, but the cottage is also part of an estate that brings in millions per year. Here’s how:

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The life of Madonna

She's the biggest pop star alive. At 60 years old, she has just come out with her 14th album, which aims to inspire people to action. This is Madonna's life story:

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Venezuelan boy with leukaemia

This 5-year-old Venezuelan boy is suffering from leukaemia, but his country lacks the resources for treatment that could potentially save him.

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The number of low-income countries have halved

"Globally, extreme poverty has dropped to 700 million at the last count." The number of low-income countries has halved in almost 20 years, and its largely thanks to globalisation. At least, that's what the World Bank stated in its recent report.

If I was unemployed around the world...

In the UK, I'd get a jobseeker's allowance but for no longer than six months. What is it like to be unemployed around the world?

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Ada Hegerberg, the footballer who said "no"

She's the best female footballer in the world and she said "no" to playing for the Norwegian national team in this year's World Cup. Here is why Ada Hegerberg is making a statement:

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Heathrow throwback

Locals and environmentalists are critical of the damaging effects a third runway at Heathrow could have. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s not the first time people have protested the airport’s extension plans… #tbt

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Meet Joshua Wong

At 22, Joshua Wong has already become a leading opposition figure in Hong Kong politics. Now, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee isn't letting a recent stint in prison related to protesting stop him from rallying against the government's controversial extradition bill, which has already mobilised nearly two million people to protest.

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Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis on the times we live in

"Tell powerful people that you’re right." For Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle, there is one clear remedy for the times we live in: hope in young people.

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