Jobs that women are not allowed to do... around the world

Yes, even in 2018, there are still professions that women cannot do, because employers are prohibited by law from hiring them. 😒🙄

12/06/2018 08:18
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  • Siré B.
    09/09/2018 16:15

    Salik , l

  • Siré B.
    09/09/2018 16:13

    Al Llllllllll . l Llllll

  • Siré B.
    09/09/2018 16:12


  • Siré B.
    09/09/2018 16:11


  • Chanez A.
    16/06/2018 22:16


  • Nicola H.
    15/06/2018 20:07


  • Ellie P.
    15/06/2018 06:51

    I've wanted to be an architect since I was 14. If I ever got told I can't, I'd be totally lost. All my a levels, uni choices, work experience. They've all been to go me there. I hope these laws change.

  • Abou H.
    15/06/2018 01:19

    نعم لأنكن تجاوزتن كل الحدود أخذتن كل حقوقكن وفوق ذلك طمعتن في حقوق الرجال ( الغراب أراد أن يمشي مشية الحمامة فأضاع مشيته) وهكذا العالم أصبح يمشي على رأسه عوض أرجله.

  • Oksana M.
    12/06/2018 13:16

    Because they scared women will do this job BETTER 😂😂😂😂

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