Angela Davis For Racial and Gender Equality

She has been fighting for racial and gender equality for over 70 years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

22/03/2018 16:00
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  • Mark B.
    25/03/2018 19:33

    All races are racist

  • Bradley J.
    25/03/2018 18:29


  • Tim B.
    25/03/2018 11:59

    Oh we'll start by showing how anti-racist she is by starting with a completely racist supposition. Right....ok then...

  • David B.
    25/03/2018 11:13

    A lot of white haters on here talking about racism.

  • Ayo A.
    24/03/2018 23:42

    My kind of woman!

  • Andrew K.
    24/03/2018 15:38


  • Chloe R.
    24/03/2018 13:01


  • Jakeb A.
    24/03/2018 08:32

    Some people just don’t get it! Unless you’re a minority then you probably won’t have experienced racism or homophobia.

  • Kevin J.
    23/03/2018 20:08

    She says all white people like we are all from the same continent, country, culture and creed and think and act the same because reasons... 👍🏻 this is what POC don’t understand, they hate when people refer to Africa as a country or that all black people are African which is wrong and ignorant.. sure back then it was a terrible conflict with racism, we can’t change history but we can all learn from it!

  • Chris W.
    23/03/2018 20:02

    becoming boring because as usual its only white people can be racist and whats happening is if you tat every one with the same brush eventually thats the society you will create and it makes me wonder if thats the agenda here

  • Andy T.
    23/03/2018 12:30

    Irony, calling all white people racist IS racist. How dare she. Blatant racism. Perhaps id suggest living in a African country if you dislike Caucasians and their culture.

  • Lawrence M.
    23/03/2018 11:49

    Stereotyping,maybe not racism,just as bad.

  • Ianthe S.
    23/03/2018 10:52

    Steven Stewart..we didn't move here because our sunny hot climate and an abundance of fresh food was less than what Britain had to offer..we were invited over by the government because of gaps in the industry due to loss of men and women in WW2..and our contribution to fighting alongside the british..they dangled jobs and accommodation..some even secured jobs but were turned away because of the colour of their skin.ive spoken to kids that speak no English but learn within a year whereas they then can speak 2-3 languages while still in primary and British kids that can just about use grammar and pronunciation correctly and refuse to follow the law or intergrate with the multi cultures wr have hete..Yes alot of the adults speak to them in their mother tounge but the kids alot of the times answer back in English. But that's where we as human beings come in.. .incourage the kids to bring home a classmate from a different ethnicity , get to know their parents..their skills and qualification back never know that family might have a holiday home they are willing to offer. Or a dad who's a carpenter and willing to offer his trade..we could turn all this around if we play the game..

  • Rob M.
    23/03/2018 09:46

    She said her father patrolled the streets armed. So what wouldve happened if an innocent white man was walking down the street? They were no better than the people who were attacking black people.

  • Andrew W.
    23/03/2018 08:07

    Fact is. When you watch the whole video... she campaigns against everything . to sock it to the man communism. Socialism lgbt civil rights she just anti establishment and panders to injudtices and causes ...snowflake

  • Harriett L.
    23/03/2018 07:57

    " all white people " so that's not racist no, but if I said all black peoples woaaahhh ild get scolded, basically said all white people are programmed to be racist, that's just delusional racism shouldn't even be a thing these days we all bleed the same we have so many more things going on to worry about who skins darker than others 🙄🙄

  • Andrew W.
    23/03/2018 07:45

    Diane Abbott's heroine.... every race racist .cultural difference.. religious and extremism have no boundaries of color or birthplace

  • Bren H.
    23/03/2018 00:45

    I think literacy is a bigger problem than racism nowadays

  • Darren M.
    23/03/2018 00:19

    Its terriable that racial equality is still havent to be fought for in these times were all human skin isnt what makes us nor religion its our actions iam white and iam an athist

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