Elton John and Vladimir Putin clash over the biopic Rocketman

Elton John is taking action against Vladimir Putin after kissing and gay sex scenes in the Rocketman biopic were censored in Russia.

Rocketman Censorship in Russia

Kissing and gay sex scenes from the Elton John biopic "Rocketman" were censored in Russia. In total, over 5 minutes of the film were cut. For a month, Elton John and Vladimir Putin have been at the center of a media feud. The film’s distributor in Russia said the film should be banned for under 18s and had been edited to comply with Russian laws. Since 2013, Russian law punishes any act of homosexual “propaganda” targeted at minors through fines or prison sentences.

On June 27, Putin stated in a Financial Times interview: “We have no problem with LGBT persons. But some things do appear excessive to us. Let everyone be happy, we have no problem with that.” But Elton John was not convinced. Elton John tweeted his response, “Dear President Putin, this feels like hypocrisy to me. I am proud to live in a part of the world where our governments have evolved to recognize the universal human right to love whoever we want”. The day after, in the middle of a G20 press conference in Osaka, the Russian president responded directly to Elton John. “I respect him a lot. He’s a great musician and we all enjoy listening to his music. But I think he’s wrong. I’m not misrepresenting anything here. We have a very relaxed attitude toward the LGBT community, really very relaxed, very impartial. We have a law that everyone criticizes, a law banning homosexual propaganda for minors. But listen, let people grow up, become adults and decide for themselves who they are. Let the children be!”

Already in 2018, Elton John stood up against the violence against LGBTQIA communities in Eastern Europe. “These countries are discriminating very badly against LGBT people, and we have to fight that, and we are fighting it. To be an LGBT person in Russia is very difficult, I don’t have to tell anybody that, but we’ve made incredible advances in Ukraine. It’s a long way to go, you just put your foot down and you just keep going and you keep going. I will say one thing, the Russian thing about…they don’t mind about gay people but they don’t want…“they’re coming for our children”, well I would say that’s absolute nonsense, the heterosexuals have done that for years, and they’ve done it for us. So that is complete "bullshit”. I’m so anti what’s going on for the LGBT community throughout Eastern Europe.”


06/07/2019 12:09
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  • Roroh J.
    07/07/2019 09:51

    With his age old man never thing of leaving a.legacy like a child let him look at his age mate king Henry look at Beckham with his children some time so got no sense.look at Madonna got legacy so.e to.e is good to have good friend to advise you

  • Rashed N.
    5 days

    Well done Putin That gay boy should learn..only because you’re offended it doesn’t mean you’re right

  • Carlos A.
    5 days

    Why doesn't Elton also claim Saudi Arabia? What happened, doesn't he attack the people who feed him?

  • Kalim U.
    5 days

    With Putin on this

  • Stephen S.
    5 days

    The edited version is 17 minutes long.

  • إيمان ا.
    5 days

    You think yourself oh Boten that is better from that you is killed and you killed syrian and all pepole are better

  • Ahmed M.
    5 days

    Russia doesn't want to see this shit about the fag Elton. You just want this Fag Epidemic flies all over the world. Russia is so right about that.

  • Mark S.
    5 days

    Oh the country that kills gay people edited out the gay scenes out of the movie?!?! No way!!!!!

  • Mary E.
    5 days

    Putin is Very right. Elton John is a bad influence on our young male species. He has been for over 2decades now.

  • Alex O.
    5 days

    What does Russia have against gay people? Smh

  • Luis V.
    5 days

    Putin gets a raging hard on so he has to censor the movie.

  • Sam L.
    5 days

    Noone, i mean noone wants to see that shit

  • Jonathan C.
    5 days

    Finally, thank you Putin!

  • Ramon T.
    5 days

    Lots of trolls on here! Freedom! People w commen sense send this out to Russia with lots of Love! We Americans hate Putin!MAGA PRISON BROKE @$$ 2020!

  • Sharon C.
    5 days


  • Karlton L.
    4 days

    Aren't they killing gay people in an area of Russia? This is not surprising. Totally disgusting, but not a surprise.

  • Bigheart E.
    4 days

    Shame on you Elton John....

  • Marianne D.
    4 days

    Why do people care so much about that?? What a shame. They dont care about people suffering there but they do care a lot becasue they will not see sex scenes..

  • Babar Y.
    4 days

    Being gay is your personal matter. Keep it to yourself.

  • Joyce A.
    4 days

    They edited the Arabic version as well. Tell Elton to protest that too