Margaret Atwood's life story

She's just won the Booker prize for a second time along with Bernardine Evaristo. Here is everything else you didn't know about Margaret Atwood:

18/10/2019 16:25
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  • Christine M.
    28/07/2021 05:54

    Just wonder if it would all be different if the matriarchal society, that still exists in some communities, would balance out injustice. For example, in the Jewish faith, it is the woman who carries the lineage and passes it to daughters. Does that give the female a future advantage?

  • Veronica W.
    27/07/2021 22:46

    Just watched a programme about you. A brilliant author but you had a charmed life. How would you know how a 'handmaiden' life was like. So many women still lead this life.

  • SL R.
    11/06/2021 20:16

    Angelece Coleman-Powell

  • Rojeena T.
    30/04/2021 02:14

    If she is this georgeous at this age, i am wondering how beautiful she was in her youth ❤❤❤❤

  • Amanda W.
    29/04/2021 07:39

    Thank you Margaret Atwood!

  • Franziska E.
    28/04/2021 17:38

    LOVE her 🥰 my favourite author

  • John H.
    28/04/2021 17:14

    I fully understand her concerns, I grew up quite sheltered in an environment where male and female were equal, often things were passed on through the female line because you always knew who your mother was but could not be positive who your father was, made sense to me!

  • Brut
    28/04/2021 17:05

    The first three episodes of season four of The Handmaid's Tale premieres on Hulu April 28, 2021:

  • Diane R.
    27/10/2019 11:11

    Amazing woman! Amazing books!!!!

  • روان م.
    26/10/2019 20:25

    Please share

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