Sam Smith comes out as non-binary

"Maybe I'm just just me. And maybe that's ok." From shame to acceptance- this is how SAM SMITH came to realise he was non-binary and genderqueer.

20/03/2019 16:26
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  • Dan A.
    28/09/2019 22:14


  • Lo M.
    28/09/2019 02:46

    El Squig you appear very ordinary, you should be contented with being an ordinary person because you blend in with the rest of the universe!

  • Vicky T.
    24/09/2019 22:40

    How would he know what womens thoughts are. And just for the record.. We are all just "me"..

  • Brenda C.
    23/09/2019 00:50


  • Stevie M.
    22/09/2019 13:38

    Luke Tilley

  • Mo B.
    22/09/2019 07:06

    They should be saying we, not I. I'm more confused than Sam Smith themselves.

  • Amanda S.
    20/09/2019 07:30

    sentilo, lo adoro

  • Felit M.
    19/09/2019 22:43

    Sweet so let’s respect them

  • Brenda R.
    19/09/2019 22:39

    Bunch a crazy people u a man stay one smt u dont know who you are the u lost.

  • Lucca B.
    19/09/2019 13:03


  • Sam B.
    19/09/2019 10:27

    Am a beef lasagna

  • Tom W.
    19/09/2019 08:32

    How is the expression "I do think like a woman sometimes" not just blatant sexism? If you have "feminine" thoughts (not sure what exactly would make a though masculine or feminine, but that's an argument for another time) that doesn't make you a woman. Nor does having "masculine" thoughts make you a man. I doubt a single person in history has lived their lives with 100% "masculine" thoughts (or 100% feminine), yet it would be senseless to define everyone on the planet as genderqueer. Traditional gender roles are outdated, and by defining yourself with reference to them you are only perpetuating them. Abolish gender.

  • Yana W.
    19/09/2019 05:00

    Love Sam Smith - you're gorgeous however you present 💖

  • Jeremiah L.
    19/09/2019 04:58

    Love Sam !

  • Himanshu S.
    19/09/2019 02:23

    you were asking the same yesterday :)

  • Alex O.
    18/09/2019 13:39

    Not if ben Shapiro has anything to say about it 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Steven J.
    18/09/2019 00:58

    One hard slap in ur mf face you know who dafac u is...

  • Steven J.
    18/09/2019 00:51

    You should live somewhere out of this world , what a dumb human

  • Susan P.
    17/09/2019 23:36

    He is brave to come out as he has and I wish him well.

  • Jeff M.
    17/09/2019 19:15