To climb Mont Blanc, you'll have to make a reservation

If you're planning on climbing Mont Blanc, it's best to make a reservation. The effects of mass tourism are impacting famous destinations all around the world...

25/08/2019 06:16
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  • John R.
    26/08/2019 19:08

    Just put it off limits. Problem solved.

  • Hugo M.
    26/08/2019 13:47

    I just saw a documentary showing the same cues of people on the Everest.. unprepared, selfie obsessed hikers looking for an experience to tell the ladies/ gents back home..

  • Jan D.
    26/08/2019 01:30

    What would anyone expect? In the early years of the 1900's, there were only ('Only' compared to now.) 1 billion people on earth. There are 'only' over 7 Billion today. Get used to it! By 2050 there'll be over 10 billion! Think you'll still be able to immigrate to the country of your choice? 'Sorry, Full.'

  • Edward B.
    25/08/2019 16:57

    Stay home. Read. Think.

  • Maureen F.
    25/08/2019 16:53

    Absolutely discriminating!

  • Maureen F.
    25/08/2019 16:48

    Why just a few wealthy people are allowed to visit beaches in Seychelles?