• Gunhild M.
    03/04/2021 03:39


  • Gunhild M.
    03/04/2021 03:11

  • Bill V.
    15/08/2018 20:55

    Awsome animals

  • Alexander R.
    23/05/2018 16:24

    Well I shoot them whenever I need to, if they don't bother me I don't bother them. Wolves are my favorite animals but that doesn't mean I won't hesitate to shoot one if I need to. People are saying fences would work but really it just weakens them I've set up fences for quite a while and usually if an animal gets caught we always go horseback for about 63 acres and if we see an animal depending on its health we might have to shoot it. People think it's animal cruelty but really we just don't want it to suffer any longer so we put it out of it's misery. Gives a good price if we sell it but sometimes the meat is really good for ourselves and can help us have enough money to repair the fences. People complain about farmers and ranchers defending their lands because they had to shoot animals and crap usually tells me they have no idea what it's like being a rancher or a farmer. Keep in mind not everyone lives off of others labor

  • Brenda D.
    23/05/2018 12:49

    Wolves have a killer instinct!!!! It's not bigger fences it's more protection against looking their farms!!!

  • Brenda D.
    23/05/2018 12:47

    I was attached in 2004 by a Wolf Hybrid dog(175 lbs) 6'4" and bitten 57 has bites . In Vermont I'm the only person to live from these animal's attack and have had #25 surgeries because of this HORRIBLE Dog!!!! I was bring ing a Library book to a Shut In and he dragged me from the road into bushes and was killing me!!!! I didn't do anything wrong and now disable!!!

  • Mary H.
    22/05/2018 15:51


  • Shelley R.
    22/05/2018 07:03


  • Nick K.
    22/05/2018 05:31

    almost Nikki lol

  • Samuel F.
    22/05/2018 03:08

    Solid negative

  • Carolyn K.
    21/05/2018 18:27

    Farmers get $ compensation from Govt. for a livestock kill.

  • Vicky P.
    21/05/2018 15:54

    Save and protect!

  • Velvet R.
    21/05/2018 05:47

    All you people who hunt wolves, look at how much we need them alive. Quit killing what we need!!!!

  • Katy C.
    20/05/2018 17:10

    I love wolves. Check out the amazing Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, MO.

  • Bonnie V.
    20/05/2018 01:48

    The wolves are doing a great job of protecting themselves. Our friends and their neighbors are losing cows and calves almost every day. If you could see the horror of a cow torn to pieces you would think twice. it is sad we have so many cities that they have no space to find other food but they have to eat something.

  • Robert V.
    20/05/2018 00:48

    Now everyone is getting it

  • Laurie V.
    19/05/2018 04:02

    Great need more reasons and educational tools to protect lots more animsls

  • Joey O.
    19/05/2018 00:46

    Save my favorite animal

  • Nicholas L.
    18/05/2018 23:06

    makes sense

  • Kae M.
    18/05/2018 15:29

    There is a protect cap on the grey wolf population. You have to have a permit to kill them. There is also a number cap on how many can be killed.

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