First time in history that US refuses to cooperate with British envoy

Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador in Washington, has resigned. And it's the first time that the US has refused to cooperate with a British envoy.

12/07/2019 15:13updated: 12/07/2019 16:11
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  • Helen M.
    13/07/2019 18:53

    Ian u for real he said something that got leaked so he shut go a person in a job like his shut not say what he said

  • Carolyne N.
    13/07/2019 15:33

    House of Cards anyone?

  • George C.
    13/07/2019 15:32

    I seem to remember a man called Kennedy from the good old US of A who approved of a man called Adolph,needless to say his feet did'nt touch the ground as he flew back,but some people have short memories!I rest my case.

  • David R.
    13/07/2019 15:32

    he is a remoaner we likes the E.U and loves the democrats.. and you wonder why he had to go.

  • Bill M.
    13/07/2019 15:24

    a remainiac obviously dropped him in it trying to break our friendship with the usa.

  • Shabeel N.
    13/07/2019 14:57

    Backbiting is what destroying this nation. Be a man and say it openly.

  • William C.
    13/07/2019 14:49

    One side says the leak was a Remainer the other side says it was a Brexiteer. ? Was it either or both.?

  • Anna L.
    13/07/2019 14:24

    Him off big mouth

  • Jason P.
    13/07/2019 13:58

    He wants money for all the Macy dees in America

  • Christopher H.
    13/07/2019 13:51

    I would have kept that job and screw trump and his retarded cabinet. America you should be ashamed but most of you will not be

  • Nigel P.
    13/07/2019 13:47

    Why would they Co operate after what he said. Why

  • Antony T.
    13/07/2019 13:41

    Well done Dim a great achievement!

  • David P.
    13/07/2019 13:33

    And its because of the globalists and treacherous corrupt ones !

  • Ganny M.
    13/07/2019 12:23

    Will the envoy reveal in detail in what way is trump inept and incompetent, maybe we can have tips on how to grow the economy via this kind of ineptness and incompetence.

  • Mark B.
    13/07/2019 11:57

    Fakest news you will ever see. I’m English and he was representing me. Sadly someone leaked confidential documents from his command. If he didn’t resign, I would demand him sacked. The documents realised DID NOT talk kindly of the President of the United States. It was a massive mess and the ambassador needed to go. This is just another leftist attack against Trump, supported by the left. In Britain the media is attacking Boris Johnson for not backing the ambassador. But how can he. When leaks have happened in the past, the head of the failing group/business/party has been sacked. This argument that Mr Posh Nuts shouldn’t be sacked is only from the left. Why? Because they also don’t like Trump and agree with the statements in the documents. But rest assured the Majority of the Uk (non lefties) support the US. We support Trump and the changes he’s making. Lastly on Mr Posh Nuts (ambassador). After the leak the US administration won’t work with him. The British people have been embarrassed by his office. Any other industry would of sacked him, so it’s only right and proper this man resigned.

  • Ann S.
    13/07/2019 11:52

    Trump is a dangerous fool

  • Kevin B.
    13/07/2019 11:49

    Best pick future ambassadors more carefully then

  • Scott T.
    13/07/2019 11:36

    What a weasel

  • Clark W.
    13/07/2019 11:28

    All I think is it's someone trying to boycott all good avenues after brexit. The more doors that close to GB the more likley the government are of making a soft brexit. The government/remoaners trying their up most to destroy any trade deals out of Europe's control.

  • Howard M.
    13/07/2019 10:49

    If you have derogatory info on leader of country you are ambassador to you get on a plane & report personally not put it in writing that will come back to bite you.

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