Global wealth inequality

Just how bad is global wealth inequality? These are the most shocking findings from Oxfam's annual report. 💸📈

27/01/2019 17:04updated: 07/03/2019 14:39
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  • Korab S.
    31/01/2019 14:45

    Communist propaganda 👎🏻

  • Slaven G.
    30/01/2019 21:42

    HORROR for real.

  • Tsvetanka P.
    30/01/2019 20:49

    Give workers bigger payment,to live better!I think rich people do not pay enough to their workers!

  • Lewis H.
    30/01/2019 20:18

    Jeff bezos would probably not be the worlds richest man if he paid his workers a living wage, covered the environmental cost of amazons supply chain or if he had to pay tax equivalent to what the state has used to care for and educate his workers.

  • Corbeyran H.
    30/01/2019 19:02

    "capitalism works"

  • Paulo D.
    30/01/2019 17:21

    People are so mind set brain washed, that they even manage to post on defense of such a thing like this has if it was normal. The slave defending is master. It's your money, it's labour to. Wake up!

  • Adrian D.
    30/01/2019 16:46

    The fact that they are richer actually made the rest of the world also richer. That's how they gained their wealth. By creating wealth for other people (jobs, services, products). Is economy that hard for communists?

  • Alfons D.
    30/01/2019 16:00

    they have to take to their grave oll that many.

  • Paul B.
    30/01/2019 14:30

    So you suggest that rich people must give money to poor people? Why?

  • Cem B.
    30/01/2019 13:25

    Why are you putting these miserable billionaires in front?.. The whole world is in debt!.. Nearly all nations.. To whom?.. To whom do the American people own a debt so huge, that USA has passed the point of repaying it.. WHO ARE THE OWNERS of US Dollars?.. What you do here is just a target switching!.. The real owners of the world economics are so rich, they are off the scale.. Let’s talk about them!.. It’s time!..

  • Jim V.
    30/01/2019 12:38

    I think we need ROBIN HOOD

  • Michael F.
    30/01/2019 11:56

    Sound like communist propaganda

  • Jack G.
    30/01/2019 11:14

    what's your take on this?

  • Dan C.
    30/01/2019 10:03

    Say thanks to Nixon for this situation...remeber when he allowed the printing press to make more money than the ammount covered by the gold reserve ???

  • Szép B.
    30/01/2019 09:19

    Just like how Robert Kiyosaki said: Don't give a fish to a man and feed him for a day. Learn him how to fish, and feed him for a life. In this case, in my opinion, the difference is in, how we handle our money... That is what it's beneficial all around the world. Invest in education, equal education, and financial education. Sad to see all those people suffering and nobody do nothing. 🤨😥😥

  • Nikolay K.
    30/01/2019 08:31

    Equal distribution is communism. People are not equal in terms of potential. Equal chance in life is the key - free education and access to courses. This way everyone can have an opportunity to break through.

  • Jack G.
    30/01/2019 06:36

    Let's take all their money!!!! Hate successful people! Give it all to the poor and the world will become a better place... feed the poor and they will multiply and get poorer... blaming the wealthy for inequality is inexcusable... try corrupted governments, lack of education etc. Shame on you oxfam

  • Amo S.
    30/01/2019 05:52

    Is good for rich people's for help poor people's .

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