Meet Emma Thompson

At 16, she was an environmental activist. No, it's not Greta Thunberg... it's Emma Thompson.

25/04/2019 16:01updated: 25/04/2019 20:11
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  • Wendy H.
    25/04/2019 18:37

    I can't see how flying economy reduces a carbon footprint, flying is flying. However, Emma and her family do fly a lot which means that she does what suits her lifestyle whether it's 'green' or not, so she is a hypocrite.

  • Sarah G.
    26/04/2019 07:27

    So disappointed by her final comment. The less people flying first/business class reduces the amount or first/business class needed which will increase the size of economy which means more people can fly with the same carbon footprint. Don’t get me wrong I would love to fly first class for the experience but there’s a difference between experience and lifestyle. That being said, we all could do better and changing lifestyle takes time and is also not so black and white

  • Maria S.
    26/04/2019 07:28

    She flew all the way from LA..flying is flying..what a moron and a hypocrite.

  • Brunilda R.
    26/04/2019 10:59

    Greenpeace is a watermelon: green on the outside, commie red on the inside.

  • Kieran F.
    26/04/2019 11:53

    Champagne crusty

  • Pedro C.
    26/04/2019 12:13

    Hypocrite. She crossed the ocean swimming?

  • Mary S.
    26/04/2019 18:33

    Honestly, I can't believe what a hypocrite she is. Flies all that way to lecture people about climate change! And then says 'oh well I have to fly, as it's a necessity'. Well, millions of us need to drive as that's necessity too. Plus she flew business class. If she and the rest of the elite start flying economy, they'd fit more people on the planes and reduce the carbon footprint that way. This is the same woman who sent her daughter to private school despite telling everyone else their kids should go to their local comps. Shes nothing but a hypocrite.

  • Caitlin H.
    26/04/2019 18:45

    our new inspo🙌

  • Antonio H.
    26/04/2019 18:48


  • Fotis E.
    26/04/2019 21:28

    Greta Thurnberg is an activist? They must have a lot of free time in the north....

  • Derrick T.
    26/04/2019 23:20

    Rich, posh, faux activists flying to London from Hollywood or somewhere to educate people. Piss off.

  • Elli S.
    26/04/2019 23:24

    *using paper to hold up signs to prevent global warming*

  • Maidie H.
    27/04/2019 00:14

    an icon

  • Francisco C.
    27/04/2019 08:42


  • Sally C.
    27/04/2019 10:37

    We missed Emma Thompson in London ffs

  • Marija J.
    27/04/2019 12:01

    here you are 💗

  • Claudia L.
    27/04/2019 14:06

    omg I feel like your mum and her look so alike

  • Kat P.
    27/04/2019 14:06

    Emma Thompson is an amazing actress and I'm a great fan of hers. Which is why I find it so disappointing to hear her talking nonsense about flying less. Does she mean that people should stop travelling at all, instead being chained to their lot like mediaeval serfs? Or does she mean that an airplane-full of people should instead travel the flight distance in their completely "eco-friendly" cars?

  • Lizzie R.
    27/04/2019 17:01


  • Ilias P.
    27/04/2019 17:35

    Climate change because of human activity is nonsense in order to impose more taxes...