Meet Milo Yiannopoulos, British and a member of the American alt-right

British alt-right "provocateur" Milo Yiannopoulos thrived on creating controversy in the US ... until it cost him his job and a lucrative book deal.

23/01/2018 16:58updated: 24/08/2020 12:31
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  • Ivan Michael
    05/06/2021 19:03


  • Ivan Michael
    05/06/2021 19:02

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  • Sean W.
    24/01/2018 02:29

    I think you meant to write "neo-nazi."

  • Chelsea C.
    23/01/2018 18:31

    I get why some feminist are not the best, but in every group there are a few bad eggs and it shouldnt mean all are bad. I'm for equality and I don't hate men yea a few people I dislike. I dont hate all men cuz a few bad dudes its not fair. People do to much of this with all types of groups. Not everyone sucks people jump the gun to quick to say someones awful before even trying to know what they even think. I don't think theres a need for all the anger put into hateing a group. We all gotta work on less hate and better communication. I mean we are all just humans trying to live and have chill peaceful lives.

  • Daniel K.
    21/01/2018 11:18

    "Alt right" pmsl you think the alt right allows gay race mixing Jews? You don't even know what you are fighting.

  • Mary R.
    20/01/2018 04:31

    Milo, FB is mean to me.

  • Lee M.
    19/01/2018 17:55

    a gay jew is "alt right" ok then

  • Bren H.
    19/01/2018 14:03

    Love the way a homosexual jew married to a black man can be classed as alt-right!!!!

  • Alex M.
    19/01/2018 13:23

    silly boy.

  • Richard S.
    19/01/2018 11:29

    And yet he still makes more than the people posting this story 😂

  • Sinoy J.
    19/01/2018 07:27

    ‘lesbians aren’t real’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lee R.
    19/01/2018 06:43

    Grade A fucktard

  • Angela W.
    19/01/2018 05:04

    Milo who?!!

  • Jackson S.
    19/01/2018 04:48

    Really shot him down good. Looks to me like that comedy central guy got triggered and began cursing and name calling rather than articulating a civil debate. Milo may poke and prod but he doesn't ever resort to straight up in your face yelling and name calling, he doesn't have to because he wins debates by actually being intelligent. I'm all for harsh retotic and a few good insults during a debate, but only the left can get away with "winning" a debate using those tactics alone.

  • Paula J.
    19/01/2018 03:56

    No, he's not a provacateur, he is little prick. He jumps on the 'I'm so ready to be offended' brigade because he craves attention. He's annoying, irritating, but so are a lot of other people. He gets into the news by being a knobjockey and shrieks of outrage are his music, ignore him and he'll fade away.

  • David B.
    19/01/2018 01:29

    It's nothing to do with his sexuality, It's the fact he's a Thundercunt 😁

  • Nathan M.
    19/01/2018 00:27

    You brand him 'alt-right' because one; you don't agree with his opinions so like anyone else you don't agree with, you brand him as a 'nazi' or 'alt-right'. And two; you're click bait and live on ad revenue without a care with what you spew out. Create some originality and stop following the same mindset shitty media outlets like Buzzfeed, Now this and Varsity, before you target someone for likes and ad-revenue, actually do some research that's unbiased that isn't rehashed information from the same biased media outlets that you chose to side with. All you do is fan the flames and promote him when you try to publicly mock him, it always back fires.

  • Rhys W.
    19/01/2018 00:15

    He’s recently spread a news story that was posted on Southend news network and claimed its true, and he had done his research. Now Southend news network is a satirical news page where the stories are faked to be funny... Well done alt-right, you stupid...

  • James H.
    18/01/2018 23:45

    How's he alt right? He's a gay jew who's married to a black dude wtf 😂😂😂

  • Declan L.
    18/01/2018 22:24

    Hateful English prick

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