Notorious mafia wreaking havoc in Western Europe

A highly organised criminal elite covered in coded prison tattoos... Vory V Zakone is one of the most powerful mafias in the world.

13/06/2018 17:00
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  • Honey Tanna
    17/03/2020 11:34


  • Griffin M.
    17/07/2018 22:35

    The Italian mafia were the dangerous. They punked ever mafia. They didn't have tattoos or symbols like these knock offs.

  • Sandro C.
    03/07/2018 08:36

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 obshyak - mafia tax

  • Thomas S.
    03/07/2018 03:33

    schweinz is auch oasch von denen

  • Thanos K.
    03/07/2018 00:07

    Nobody cares about mafias

  • Andrey B.
    01/07/2018 10:50

    The money isn't given to some "leader" or Obschak. Obschak basically a pool of money. You donate 15 or 20 percent of income like everyother member to obschak. It's just a term for "everybodies money" a stash. any thief in law can hide the obschak. If you steal from it you already know

  • Sunny C.
    01/07/2018 09:59

    this is what i meant

  • Jean O.
    30/06/2018 12:02

    I’ll bet they are in Brighton Beach, NY.

  • Deuce
    30/06/2018 07:34

    vory v zakone :D

  • Luke H.
    30/06/2018 04:28

    I'm one of them now..our family's starting to grow in Malaysia..we steal anything from kids in the bicycle and lollipop..

  • Kate C.
    30/06/2018 04:04

    Hey Trump, here's your bandit of European rapists, murderers, drug dealers, etc. They don't look Mexican to me 😒.

  • Stan K.
    30/06/2018 03:50

    Yakuza have been around longer.

  • Mirnes Š.
    30/06/2018 03:25

    folk tycker att detta som sker nu är kaoz i Malmö, tänk dig ifall dess grabbarna hade kommit då haha

  • Paddy C.
    30/06/2018 03:03

    watch this 45 seconds in hahaha

  • Waelerim L.
    29/06/2018 23:57

    Ew I'm ashamed

  • Jess G.
    29/06/2018 19:58

    Shoot the pricks

  • Jennifer B.
    29/06/2018 19:26

    Bob Dylan's famous lyric is once again poignant with follower type personalities:- " it may be the devil or it may be the lord but yo gotta serve somebody "

  • Sebastian Y.
    29/06/2018 18:52

    Gonzalez Sergio Serán las del documenta ?

  • Ricarda D.
    29/06/2018 17:14

    you could include this in your mafia story

  • Wade C.
    29/06/2018 17:03

    France is a country that seems to harbour a lot more than just criminals. Anyone from anywhere can just walk in there and just start living their lives, just lets anyone in there. Kind of good but look at the problems now....;