The great 2018 high sea scallop skirmish

French and British fishermen clash on the high seas: No, it's not 1805 but a skirmish over scallops. Here's why both sides may be to blame for the diminishing scallop stock.

29/08/2018 10:00
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  • Daniel C.
    31/08/2018 20:25

    Would love to have a war against France, they have all ways been a weak pathetic country.

  • July P.
    30/08/2018 18:24

    What the video doesn’t mention (and is important) is that in the incoming months, UK fishermen won’t be able to go in this area because of the Brexit. A law will prevent them to “fish” in some areas, including this one.

  • Ross W.
    30/08/2018 15:22

    This report is factually inaccurate

  • Paul A.
    30/08/2018 03:35

    Well done to the French lads