The great 2018 high sea scallop skirmish

French and British fishermen clash on the high seas: No, it's not 1805 but a skirmish over scallops. Here's why both sides may be to blame for the diminishing scallop stock.

29/08/2018 10:00
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  • Paul A.
    30/08/2018 03:35

    Well done to the French lads

  • Ross W.
    30/08/2018 15:22

    This report is factually inaccurate

  • July P.
    30/08/2018 18:24

    What the video doesn’t mention (and is important) is that in the incoming months, UK fishermen won’t be able to go in this area because of the Brexit. A law will prevent them to “fish” in some areas, including this one.

  • Charlie C.
    31/08/2018 05:39

    It’s called the ENGLISH channel fuck the garlic munchers blow them out the water like we did their fleet in WW2 when they refused to hand over their ships before the Germans confiscated them. They’ve always been pricks.

  • Daniel C.
    31/08/2018 20:25

    Would love to have a war against France, they have all ways been a weak pathetic country.