The life of Karl Marx

His grave was defaced twice in a week- but this giant of 20th century history died over 130 years ago. This is the story of the rebellious drinker whose ideas shaped our world: Karl Marx.

21/02/2019 18:40updated: 21/02/2019 18:44
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  • AJ AJ
    09/03/2019 16:53

    After reading most of these comments I’m convinced that we deseve nothing better than capitalism and being wage slaves to our masters. They are laughing at out ignorance and stupidity.

  • Mateusz O.
    26/02/2019 22:43

    Scum of the earth

  • Iris G.
    26/02/2019 18:58

    In true leftist circles of the time, he was not an influential thinker; not as big as Ruskin for instance

  • David R.
    26/02/2019 16:10

    People were working 19 hours a day and women and childreen worked like men and receive less money when he was alive!

  • Калоян Д.
    26/02/2019 15:33

    He should be thought in schools more. One of the best scammers ever.

  • Javier S.
    26/02/2019 14:51

    Probablemente el personaje más dañino de la historia de la humanidad, un borracho y vago que dejó morir de hambre a 4 hijos con tal de no dar un palo al agua, jamás trabajó y vivió de darle palos a todos los amigos que se le cruzaron...todo un ejemplo.

  • Томбшко Б.
    26/02/2019 12:23

    His ideas are great but are not completable

  • Radu C.
    26/02/2019 12:15

    What comes out of drinking -> murderous ideas..

  • EtlEva I.
    26/02/2019 10:18

    R.I.P. 😘

  • Colteanu M.
    26/02/2019 10:08

    Italo Brambilla

  • Nuno M.
    26/02/2019 08:41

    The world is lost!

  • Alexandru C.
    26/02/2019 08:30

    Daddy of Communism, Fascism and of the modern leftist snowflakes. What a hero.

  • Párducz B.
    26/02/2019 08:29

    Marxists are back. Kind of scary.

  • Νικόλας Μ.
    26/02/2019 08:02

    what's with the retarded music?

  • Grzegorz S.
    26/02/2019 07:58

    Fu*k Marx and marxism!!

  • Peter H.
    25/02/2019 23:19

    Wierd Flex But Ok

  • Stipe I.
    25/02/2019 22:38

    Fun fact, he was owner of mine and employed people that he didn't pay for their work,also he had maid that newer get payed. Hmmmm it's like fat chick writing book for fitness.

  • Adrian S.
    25/02/2019 21:49

    Criminal wanker

  • Robert J.
    25/02/2019 21:40

    How about doing some real reporting about how he was a leech on society lived off of his rich friend, had an affair with his live in servant girl and wouldn't even recognize her or the child..... he was garbage

  • Mohammad H.
    25/02/2019 21:37

    The same name that got 40 million Russians killed and 60 million Chinese killed