U.K. companies and working mothers

A staggering number of companies in the U.K. still believe that working mothers aren't invested in their careers— and women are paying a price.

21/02/2018 01:58updated: 24/08/2020 12:10
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  • Charlene B.
    23/02/2018 19:45

    How things would be different if it were men who carried and gave birth to the babies! Maternity rights and pay would be a hell of a lot better!

  • Jacob E.
    23/02/2018 17:01

    I have to disclose my disability to employers and how that can impact my employment, anyone who thinks having a child won't impact your life is incorrect and I think potential employers can ask the question. There are issues across all sectors of people becoming employment then claiming leave for either maternity, paternity or sickness. In some cases a company has to hire a replacement (sometimes agency) to cover the person who they still have to salary whilst they're not there... I'd say it's more about business preservation than anything else and that makes sense.

  • Cj N.
    23/02/2018 14:47

    Why would I hire a women that will be out of commission for a couple of months if we have mission critical assignments needed within those months

  • Sigurgrímur J.
    23/02/2018 14:35

    If you have a child and work, you essentially have three choices Both parents work less hours and are tired from multitasking raising a child and working They put the child I'm daycare and carry on working the hours they used to, being somewhat more tired from being kept up by crying and the other associated stresses of parenting, with the caveat that they're essentially neglecting their child from putting it in a place it can't get the adequate love and attention it needs to mature properly One parent works, likely more hours, while the other raises the child full time with the motivation of giving the child the absolute best upbringing they can. "Good enough" should not be an option. The reason women are the ones that are targeted here, is because they are the sex that has evolved to bear, raise, and care for children. Almost all of the sexual dimorphism in humans is geared around reproduction and reproductive strategy. An employer is not being hateful or bigoted to rightly think to themselves, "If this woman becomes pregnant, they're likely going to be absent for up to and around a year, whilst still having to be paid, and after that, they're either going to leave or come back stressed and tired, reducing how well they work". Three's very little outside of the ideological to justify a business, which has the only real purpose of making money, taking such a risky decision with regards to their employees. It's fair that they should be able to ask such a question so they can set up precautions for such employees leaving suddenly as to not be left in a dangerous position that makes large losses if not handled correctly.

  • Leeroy J.
    23/02/2018 13:50

    I don't see a problem in asking though.i work in a supermarket n one time on my section we were desperate for staff etc.the store just hired this nice lady n I trained her up n everything it was going so well to have Help on the section only have her tell us she was pregnant after two months n we slowly lost her to checkouts n then the store lost her to maternity. Am not against woman having children at all but common sense if there are pregnant at the start of employment n people forget the consquoes to the work force to their working life etc. If a female worker got pregnant after long period n that's fine simpley and only coz the manger can get some one to temporarily take Thier place while Thier off

  • Frazer I.
    22/02/2018 17:53

    Firstly this won't go down well. Stop being stupid people... We always try to look forward when our bodies are still in the past. How fast does our body grow to reach full maturity? And in that time how much care does that child need? Because of things like this our children of the future will be degenerates. Best way to put it is in a twisted sense society is becoming spartanian. Women can work where they like however the child comes first so if you are pregnant and you want to work take the responsibility and raise your child out of work. If you don't look after your child because you want to work when systems are in place if you are single and the father is being an ideal idiot for yours and your child's security. I'm sorry ladies and gents both, but the way the world is moving on is our own demise. We can't change nature and we can't change natural behaviour wanting to have more. Bottom line is if you want to be in a relationship get married etc to have a child the man is the provider and the mother raises the children. The man must help everywhere he can to afford food for his kids while the mother gives the kids food provided. The things modern society has neglected and encouraged negative behaviour from lack of care due to the parents not caring enough whilst they want to feed and have everything they desire. Unfortunately in biology terms we are born eat grow enhance genetics through reproduction help your grandchildren (hence menopause) and die. What part of that is having that Gucci bracelet or the Ferrari we have always dreamed of. I am guilty myself of that, I own reptiles for pleasure, but what does that have to do with it they are my children to pass on genetics to prevent danger to the wild animals of being over harvested from nature yet also supplying her with new life may she need it. So in a nutshell this is a load of waffle. If your a mother that's your role if your a father you provide and protect. If either genders don't do their roles then you will always have a weak society. So men step up instead of a one night stand and love someone and share intimacy, not sleep around and deny your children if you have any. Women care for your children like I know the highest of percentages of you will/do/am. I don't see why this happens when really it's all petty nuisance on denying what we are.

  • Neea S.
    22/02/2018 17:41

    First you are in the age that you might make babies then you are in the age of small kids so it involves school/ nursery runs and then you are just too old.. I might as well just shoot myself..

  • Charlie J.
    22/02/2018 09:56

    Yeah because it's only women that are involved in making babies, right?!

  • Sophie G.
    22/02/2018 07:56

    If it wasn't for a woman getting pregnant no one would actually be here.... Everyone should have the chance to raise a family and if a woman is working then the opportunity shouldn't be taken away from her. It's what her body was made to do. I think men should have the same leave so that parenting can be made easier. I'm not a feminist but the female body was designed to make another, why should working stop that? Some women are career orientated and others aren't but want to make money for the children they may be carrying. Some people are genuine it's a shame that most in the world aren't.

  • Gemma K.
    22/02/2018 07:07

    See I told you it's not OK! Those women were way out of line.

  • Ross P.
    21/02/2018 23:00

    You can take any stance or view you like but if I employ a person or buy a machine I expect it to do a job and if it doesn't do that job the loss that it leaves me either in time or in money or simply in managing a replacement or trying to work without it creates a problem for my business.

  • Gary M.
    21/02/2018 22:44

    This is bullshit in every job ive had there has been female managers and females in high well respected positions so am afraid you talk shit *edit* should say aswell one or two have had kids so this clip is bullshit

  • Gillian C.
    21/02/2018 18:42

    It takes two to have a baby why don't they ask a man if he is planning on taking paternity leave......why only women??????

  • Emma C.
    21/02/2018 18:24

    If I owned a company and was interviewing a pregnant woman, the likely hood of me employing her would be low! Why would I employ someone who in a few months would be off for a year and have to pay maternity leave? I can definitely understand why employers wouldn't employ pregnant women

  • Stephanie S.
    21/02/2018 16:28

    Claire Holton...there is much work to do 😘

  • Sarah C.
    21/02/2018 15:06

    This makes me so angry 😬 Jamie Conway

  • Leeanne S.
    21/02/2018 14:23

    Perhaps because it's against the law lol. Woman have the right to have kids that doesn't mean they can't do their jobs to.

  • Steven M.
    21/02/2018 14:16

    Yes they should, why would anyone want to invest in someone who will not be there.

  • Nichola T.
    21/02/2018 11:15

    I have met women who have genuinely taken advantage of the maternity leave system, purposefully changing from self employed to employed in order to be paid while they were off for nearly 12 months. Back at work for 7 months and then off for a year with second baby. In terms of business, this often means temporary staff have to be hired, which is more expensive and thus paying for two people to do one person's job. So in some respect I understand the negativity. In some jobs, it isn't safe for a pregnant woman. The introduction of allowing men to take maternity leave in tandem with or instead of the woman is brilliant. For a small business the effects of maternity leave, and purposeful abuse of the facility designed to help keep women at work can be devastating.

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