A young person's take on Brexit

This is what a young demonstrator had to say about #Brexit during the People's Vote UK March on Sunday. 📢

22/10/2018 11:17
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  • Leslie F.
    22/10/2018 15:52

    True... good o you son . They promised us Scots a better future if we stayed together & I Europe What happened a year later Fkn brexit just a bunch of liars DO NOT TRUST any politician especially the English

  • Matthew J.
    22/10/2018 20:31

    Yeah, we’re going to lose so much like ... errr, yeah ... errr ... it’s not fair! It’s not fair we lost. It’s not fair we couldn’t vote. It’s not fair the nasty (insert insult) won...

  • Michael W.
    22/10/2018 20:46

    the English are sheep and will blindly follow any thing a posh accent will say, even over a muddy trench into machine gun fire

  • Alan O.
    22/10/2018 21:02

    I don’t get the point of this video? Nothing was said, was I supposed to learn something? Am I supposed to know who this kid is? He didn’t say anything.

  • Shaun F.
    22/10/2018 21:03

    Hopefully it gets rid of some snowflake people

  • James C.
    22/10/2018 21:06

    I didn’t realise that being a part of the EU made the UK less racist?

  • Tom B.
    22/10/2018 21:13

    Seriously mate shush go to some clubs have some fun whatever and enjoy yourself lighten up lol . We voted to leave so we are leaving get over it .. and also say some facts rather than its not fair

  • Henry S.
    22/10/2018 21:16

    didn't realise you went there at the weekend

  • Luke G.
    22/10/2018 21:16

    is this ur bro x

  • Howard H.
    22/10/2018 21:17

    This little ball scratcher hasn’t had enough life experience under the eu to even understand what he’s talking about

  • Paul Q.
    22/10/2018 21:32

    But only 24% of "young people" who were able to vote actually voted (or it was something in that ball park figure)

  • Nick F.
    22/10/2018 21:34

    Click bait.

  • Eleanor M.
    22/10/2018 21:49


  • Michael G.
    22/10/2018 21:53

    I can only describe this person in one word. Idoit

  • Stephen S.
    22/10/2018 22:00

    Poor leo has had his future taken away by brexit...awww boo hoo. Remind me leo, how many children are living in poverty or neglect and abuse!? Thats having your future taken away!!!

  • Kevin P.
    22/10/2018 22:10

    What evidence that we’re going to be less prosperous is he referring to, when the evidence shows that since the brexit vote the economy has been doing significantly better then the naysayers predicted. And that because we’re leaving a unelected political European Union then we’re all going to become racist. Seems all those that attended this March didn’t have jobs they had to be at.

  • Paul R.
    22/10/2018 22:20

    Should have asked him to give examples of what he's going lose, bet he'd have struggled to come up with anything.

  • Tom F.
    22/10/2018 22:27

    What an absolute idiot this guy is 😂 why’d he randomly pick the 1930s as well? We joined the EU in 1973, so if anything surely it would “drag” us back to 1972....

  • Jim A.
    22/10/2018 23:06

    Yeah because the eu is a haven of prosperity 😂😂😂

  • Richard F.
    22/10/2018 23:17

    Well said young man, you’ve just highlighted how fking stupid young people are. You still think people voting to leave are in some way racist. What a complete idiot.