Brexit deal: What's next?

Confused about all the possible outcomes of Brexit? A quick look at what happens when Parliament votes on Theresa May's deal. In under a minute. đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡șđŸ€Šâ€â™€ïžđŸ•

14/12/2018 15:05
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  • Kevin A.
    16/12/2018 20:54

    Get out of eu crap and save yourselves and your country. You are self sufficient having natural resources and €340 million to be spent on british citizens weekly instead of giving them to the eu for some people to abuse of the situation and get drunk everyday..

  • Paul P.
    16/12/2018 20:53

    It's what the establishment have been working for all along

  • Fahim S.
    16/12/2018 20:04

    We dont need england in our E.U

  • Sue Z.
    16/12/2018 18:09

    A second referendum is illegal just like Tony Blair took us into an illegal war now he wants to force an illegal 2nd referendum.

  • Bashkim H.
    16/12/2018 16:07

    The people is right even when it mistakes! 😉

  • Paul B.
    16/12/2018 15:15

    I notice on this that it's all foreigners answering and telling us to leave. We'll f**K all of you. With out the money we've put in, most of you would still be riding donkeys and be under soviet rule. Good luck to all of you without us.

  • Levente L.
    16/12/2018 14:50

    Why british always want to be diferent.. Why they do not like to be european?

  • Cyrille C.
    16/12/2018 14:25

    We have already forgotten about UK. Just go out.

  • Aleks M.
    16/12/2018 14:09

    ДажД ĐŒĐœĐ” ĐżĐŸĐœŃŃ‚ĐœĐŸ, Ń‡Ń‚ĐŸ "Breхit" - ŃŃ‚ĐŸ , чушь ŃĐŸĐ±Đ°Ń‡ŃŒŃ. ĐĐžŃ‡Đ”ĐłĐŸ Ń…ĐŸŃ€ĐŸŃˆĐ”ĐłĐŸ ĐœĐ” ĐœĐ”ŃĐ”Ń‚ ĐœĐ°Ń€ĐŸĐŽĐ°ĐŒ ЕĐČŃ€ĐŸĐżŃ‹.

  • Diane D.
    16/12/2018 13:56

    Stop Brexit we have the best deal now

  • Jonathan Y.
    16/12/2018 12:11

    Get her out

  • Multani M.
    16/12/2018 12:02


  • Sorin T.
    16/12/2018 11:41

    We like Yk to be in awer side!

  • Anton N.
    16/12/2018 11:06

    Nobody in the EU cares about Brexit anymore...

  • Joseph G.
    16/12/2018 07:55

    Keep calm europe is done

  • Robert S.
    16/12/2018 07:50

    It seems to me that it is still if and buts and no foreword planning or organisation over two years of wasted Mony and time. What a disgrace. Stay in the EU.

  • Pete F.
    16/12/2018 06:33

    If, but, if, but, if, but, if, but! But the truth is nobody knows.

  • Aziz K.
    16/12/2018 01:42

    Brexit means destary 1stly UK and then EUROPE let see what happen near future i think union is strength not alone

  • Sylvia A.
    15/12/2018 23:10

    Don’t panic. Stay calm.

  • Zoran D.
    15/12/2018 22:24

    No EU nars u pizdu materinu SRBIJA

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