EU Supergirl on political campaigning

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the EU supergirl! Despite the abuse Madeleina Kay suffered throughout her years of campaigning, she's not planning on taking off her cape. 🦸‍♀️

11/03/2019 18:43updated: 18/03/2019 17:36
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  • Adrian C.
    13/03/2019 14:43

    lmao Ahmad chill

  • Brunilda R.
    13/03/2019 15:26

    Whoever looks like this willingly is not a supergirl.

  • Koppány V.
    14/03/2019 10:03

    My god she's simple...

  • Phael L.
    14/03/2019 13:43

    voce é o EU Superman

  • Senad H.
    14/03/2019 14:14


  • Da O.
    14/03/2019 14:17

    Those hand signs are Monsters grabbing peoples stuffs and seizing lands and killing people

  • Gezim R.
    14/03/2019 14:29

    Together we are stronger ... We are different , but we believe in same things... we believes in freedom and democracy ... God help you. Greetings from Albania.

  • Marika R.
    14/03/2019 17:33

    ma lo sai che stai proprio bene con i capelli platino e la frangia blu

  • Domiziana P.
    14/03/2019 17:49

    ho guardato solo l’introduzione ma penso sia valuable

  • Wojciech K.
    15/03/2019 05:53

    Brut i smrut kurwa, czemu mi się to pokazuje

  • Caitlyn C.
    15/03/2019 07:39

    "artist" :D made my flippin day :D

  • Calbureanu M.
    15/03/2019 10:36

    That's how liberal stupidity looks like...

  • Kene U.
    15/03/2019 13:26

    Of course, the typical blue haired millenial feminist with the standard issue hairstyle. I'll still smash tho.

  • Márton K.
    15/03/2019 13:39

    I honestly can't believe people like this are not paid by hardcore brexiteers. Of course people won't listen to anyone saying sensible arguments against brexit while people like her get most of the publicity. This is the reason why populist politicians can grow so effectively...

  • Mathias D.
    15/03/2019 14:11

    graduating from EU studies be like

  • Ανέστης Β.
    15/03/2019 14:22

    Right ,so I guess the elections are only credible and right, as long as the outcome does not threaten the best interests of the EU banksters and bosses.

  • Martin K.
    15/03/2019 14:43

    it's like stupid...but stupid is too small a word

  • Calin B.
    15/03/2019 15:25

    Fcking Cunt.

  • Παναγιώτης Κ.
    15/03/2019 19:03

    -What's your profession ? -Anti-Brexit, artist, EU supergirl.

  • Raquel A.
    15/03/2019 19:21

    remember her???