Farage given a dressing down for "hypocrisy"

"This isn't leadership, it's a circus." Here's the moment one Dutch MEP gave Nigel Farage a dressing down in European parliament for his "hypocrisy."

15/11/2018 17:29
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  • Leslie F.
    15/11/2018 18:14


  • Abd A.
    15/11/2018 20:30

    Salih Mirani

  • Ray C.
    15/11/2018 21:37

    Whatever about May and I've no time for her. She was left in a horrible situation. Farage is a right piece for the way he caused this trouble.

  • Tom P.
    15/11/2018 21:40

    This is precisely what the outside world think of us .

  • Declan B.
    15/11/2018 21:41

    She looks kinda crazy.

  • Jeff B.
    15/11/2018 21:42

    Farage is more patriotic than any of the EU pratts. Nick Clegg gets a nice EU pension as well as the other idiots who worked for them.

  • Ian M.
    15/11/2018 21:52

    Thick brain washed cloggie

  • Jeff J.
    15/11/2018 21:55

    she looks like shes a sandwich short of a picnic, the conduct of other leaders are more in question but maybe she's too busy ar** kissing them

  • Gary G.
    15/11/2018 22:07

    I see him as a children catcher. So charismatic and hard not to like as he talks sense but she is right in saying he lead us to the vote we wanted and then jumped off the ship

  • Sean W.
    15/11/2018 22:07

    Nigel Farrage never made the claim about £350 million to the NHS. That claim was made by Johnson and Gove independently of Farrage yet those who know this pray on our ignorance and keep pounding home this point knowing Farrage never made the claim.... Why?........ Look, I'm not in love with the guy, but I do like the truth occasionally.

  • Patrick M.
    15/11/2018 22:10

    Amazing the information shown here the amount of money these people are getting is unbelievable and to point it out shows their own stupidity when attacking another of their ranks.

  • Andy T.
    15/11/2018 22:15

    It was never promised? It was stated that it could be used in the nhs rather than going to the Eu.

  • Lee P.
    15/11/2018 22:31

    I still find it unbelievable that anyone believed the drivel spouted on both sides 🤷‍♂️ if you based your vote on the outlandish promises of Leave or remain then you missed the lies. I voted Leave because I thought that it might hold our successive Governments more to account rather than the cloak of The European Union they’ve gotten used to hiding behind. They’re on their own now and will have only the people to answer to.

  • Leo R.
    15/11/2018 22:37

    Nigel farrage is a disgusting hypocrite that's only going to make money from all this

  • Anthony A.
    15/11/2018 22:43

    He done his job, he is not in the conservative party so it's out of his hands, where is the evidence of said lies??? Can't see any hypocrisy as the EU is a corrupt membership...Europe, it's countries and people are a separate issue that nobody got a problem with so when his children got German passports from as his wife is German that's a personal decision not political

  • Dave T.
    15/11/2018 22:46

    IT NEVER SAID THE MONEY WOULD GO TO THE NHS. IT SAID "LETS FUND THE NHS". Stupid Remainers sort yourselves out.

  • Marc Ó.
    15/11/2018 22:55

    poor Nigel meets the Dutch

  • Michael K.
    15/11/2018 23:00

    Give that man a knighthood

  • Simon B.
    15/11/2018 23:00

    Oh yeah I forgot historically politicians have never lied to get there way.only Nigel.i think not politics is worse than the mafia for corruption

  • Nageeb H.
    15/11/2018 23:14

    Let's get one thing straight ,leave,stay ,will make no difference to politicians they are all bent