Fish and plastic, a campaign for our oceans

They wanted fish and chips, but got a wake-up call instead. This shop went all in to show the dangers of plastic waste. 🐟

23/11/2018 13:03
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  • Abi S.
    27/11/2018 21:13

    Great point but like. Nobody is going to be happy with this

  • Janine A.
    27/11/2018 21:11


  • Amos L.
    26/11/2018 21:40

    Humans are the only species I know who believes in a creator & yet doesn't respect the creation their God they believe had created, our time will surely come if we don't changeđŸ˜źđŸ˜„đŸ˜Ł

  • Andy D.
    26/11/2018 13:13

    Chip shops are hardly paragons of virtue. Plastic containers for takeaway foods. Plastic knives and forks.

  • Korn S.
    26/11/2018 03:03

    Hope they don't get beaten to death before the prank ends.

  • Eva S.
    24/11/2018 06:09

    Good way to make a point....

  • ŰŽŰ§Ù‡Ű± ه.
    24/11/2018 01:14

    "Yeah we got your point, can we have our real fish & chip now"

  • Janet O.
    23/11/2018 17:37

    The problem is your not targeting the right people here. Look at Haiti, look at South America or Indonesia!!!! Trash collect is the ocean!!

  • Lilianne d.
    23/11/2018 15:01

    I wonder, how did that plastic get into the sea? If you throw it neatly in the bin then this can not happen.

  • Mohd A.
    23/11/2018 13:44

    This is why I love chickens😂

  • Damjan C.
    23/11/2018 12:36

    This is supremely stupid and misguided

  • Maria L.
    23/11/2018 12:02

    What's more frightening is seeing fishless oceans by 2050 because over a trillion marine animals are killed every year for "food".

  • Daniel B.
    23/11/2018 11:30

    I bet most of the customers wont go on an ocean trip to dump their garbage in the water or they dont fill up their car trunks with plastics to throw them at the nearest river. So what is.the point here? Who throws so much stuff in the water? I bet all those people use the garbage bin or recicle services bags where available.

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