Gareth Thomas was attacked for being gay

After being attacked for his sexuality, Gareth Thomas posted this emotional video. 🏉🏳‍🌈

19/11/2018 15:52
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  • Ellen A.
    20/11/2018 03:15

    Why did the 16 year old boy hit him ? Sounds fishy

  • Laura N.
    20/11/2018 05:04

    That is terrible. but Gareth is a hero and his message is inspiring !

  • Paul M.
    20/11/2018 07:04

    South Wales take crime serious????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 WOW

  • Daniel A.
    20/11/2018 07:36

    This man is nasty and what he did to his wife and children is wrong and they should never forgive him, he could've gave his wife aids for been unfaithful fucking man for so long I've with your wife and get children how could you live with yourself knowing you did that to your family?. Maybe he try it with the little boy and he wasn't having it you oerv6

  • Lottie S.
    20/11/2018 08:52

    Love you Gareth

  • Frank F.
    20/11/2018 09:43

    Tower of strength on and off the pitch

  • Jacqueline R.
    20/11/2018 12:48

    Sorry you had to go through this.. that kid kneeds help ..

  • Jan V.
    20/11/2018 12:54


  • Jesus B.
    20/11/2018 12:59

    I'm so sorry to hear that you were attacked, , I hope you are fine now. And thank you for all your work

  • Maxine E.
    20/11/2018 15:36

    Leave people alone to live their own lives! So much hate in this world I hope your ok xxx

  • Stephen O.
    20/11/2018 16:26

    Must have been a very big 16 year old

  • Billy W.
    20/11/2018 17:28

    His amazing xx

  • Micheal R.
    21/11/2018 01:42

    Top bloke

  • Tareq A.
    21/11/2018 15:42

    What’s worrying about this is that it came from the younger generation

  • Helen S.
    24/11/2018 02:54

    What a legend