Iceland's banned advert against palm oil

This Christmas advert was banned by UK television regulators for being "too political." It was made by supermarket Iceland along with Greenpeace UK.

09/11/2018 15:02
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  • Brut UK
    09/11/2018 16:42

    says 25 Orangutans die due to palm oil production every day.

  • Brina V.
    09/11/2018 17:47

    Palm oil has over 200 pseudonyms (it's usually not listed as "palm oil") and is also in nearly all the products you bring into your home (make-up, soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, etc). There is no great way to avoid palm oil, but the best way I've been able to find thus far is downloading apps that tell you if companies have joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The one that I use is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo palm oil app (linked below). RSPO has been criticized for not being effective and strict enough, but they are the only organization that lists companies that are trying to be more ethical. The next step is forcing the RSPO to be more strict in their guidelines and recommendations. You can start by donating to fantastic NGOs that focus on the palm oil issue, such as

  • Elaura A.
    09/11/2018 18:30

    Merv Jones

  • Victoria D.
    09/11/2018 18:35


  • Lesley S.
    09/11/2018 18:41

    Love it

  • Russell B.
    09/11/2018 18:49

    They need this advert shown on tv. They're happy to show starving children in other countries that need help, why can't they show this? Because starving children is caused mainly by bad location and little access to food/water but this poor story is entirely 100% humanities fault.

  • Barry W.
    09/11/2018 19:01

    So now UK tv companies are getting in on the act of censorship and deciding what you should and should not watch. Disgusting.

  • Matt R.
    09/11/2018 19:20

    it's the RangTang from your poem

  • Jake B.
    09/11/2018 19:21

    I’m sorry, but this is wonderful. This is the sort of advert that NEEDS to be shown on TV. I wonder if the people claiming it’s ‘too political’ are the ones that rely on the palm oil industry to make all their money? 🤭🤔

  • Lisa P.
    09/11/2018 19:24

    I use the body shop products they don't use palm oil.😊

  • Brucie M.
    09/11/2018 19:24

    What's with every single human character, both real and animated, on UK tv some kind of ethnic minority these days?

  • Donald A.
    09/11/2018 19:30

    Swept under the carpet by this shite goverment

  • Andy F.
    09/11/2018 19:35

    Simple solution share, share and share again. Who watches TV more go on Facebook. Make this the most shared video and beat then censor's.

  • Junichi I.
    09/11/2018 19:39

    I'd bet this was banned because of the lobbying from manufacturing giants who uses palm oil

  • James H.
    09/11/2018 19:40

    Well this is extra christmasy, it’s got me all festive and joyful

  • Niamh S.
    09/11/2018 19:41

    so sad

  • Emma L.
    09/11/2018 19:44

    This is heart breaking x

  • Christine C.
    09/11/2018 19:45

    Very powerful video !! Well it's getting shared alot now from various Animal Rescues.....

  • Scott C.
    09/11/2018 20:05

    Defo is a Christmas advert

  • Emma N.
    09/11/2018 20:10

    This need to be allowed back on tv