Meet Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe has never failed to take a hard line in her political career- from gay marriage to the death penalty. Here's what Brussels can expect from this Brexit party MEP.

29/05/2019 16:01updated: 04/06/2019 13:43
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  • Brian F.
    30/05/2019 15:55

    She is an idiot always have been nothing but a trouble maker just like fararge

  • Brian F.
    30/05/2019 19:59

    She is an idiot always have been nothing but a trouble maker just like fararge

  • Andie C.
    31/05/2019 06:04

    Vile spinster should have been deported.

  • Jon A.
    31/05/2019 10:16

    Does she actually like anybody at all.

  • Patricia W.
    31/05/2019 10:19

    MP for MAIDSTONE not Maidenhead! ! Get your facts right please.... Theresa May is MP for Maidenhead.

  • Wayne R.
    31/05/2019 11:44

    A grotesque from a generation with beliefs that will hopefully soon be dead.

  • Zissis P.
    31/05/2019 12:26

    Why is it the crackpots that get all the attention?

  • Angela M.
    31/05/2019 13:00

    Wow - she sounds like a terrible person yet she's an MP! It seems her views are approved by majority of voters in Maidstone.

  • Thomas P.
    31/05/2019 14:15

    Send her to hell where she belongs

  • Edite D.
    31/05/2019 14:17


  • Eunice M.
    31/05/2019 14:20

    Strange lady

  • Etienne B.
    31/05/2019 14:27

    You realise what a empty vessel she is when you see Stephen Fry and the late Christopher Hitchens wipe the floor with her arse in a debate.

  • Amarilis d.
    31/05/2019 14:28

    A wonderful catholic and an example for all to follow. She can sin as much as she likes and then confess. Wait a minute - she does not realize she is sinning. Ups that is too bad!

  • Isabel G.
    31/05/2019 15:14

    Personas como ellas son muy destructivas

  • Elia C.
    31/05/2019 15:29

    She looks horrible, inside outside.

  • Emma T.
    31/05/2019 16:22

    Horrible old bag.

  • Lin B.
    31/05/2019 16:59

    So embarrassing! 😤

  • Algirdas R.
    31/05/2019 17:02

    Biggest clown 🤡 in British political history

  • Marin V.
    31/05/2019 17:07

    Really? Helloooo nobody give a f on u're brexit other than u Bro'. With or without u life will go on, so wake up.:))))))))

  • Peggy L.
    31/05/2019 17:22

    Always liked This Lady Speaks her Mind