More migrants crossing the English Channel

A sudden jump in the number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel has coastal authorities scratching their heads, but also fearing disaster. Could it be Brexit?

27/11/2018 20:02


  • Jay W.
    29/11/2018 18:24

    I hope they all drowned. If you have nothing to offer our country or pay into the system your not welcome. If you do. Go throw the proper migration system if have nothing to hide. Fucking simple

  • Glen H.
    29/11/2018 19:03

    There is no real logic to it related to Brexit. That traffickers might be telling these poor ill informed souls that it's now or never etc etc is more than possible. Very sad to see, and yes, the channel in Winter, lethal.

  • Rick D.
    30/11/2018 15:30

    What happened to the days when migrants or refugees went to the closest country available not the best choice with most free homes benefits and with the understanding of one day returning to their country to help try rebuild

  • Kevin A.
    30/11/2018 17:29

    All because of labour and conservative...

  • Denroy W.
    30/11/2018 20:29

    Well it's just the beginning!! the French not stopping anybody anymore