Muslim Prayer Opens New Zealand Parliament

Expressing sorrow and hope — New Zealand's parliament invited this Muslim leader to deliver a prayer to open its new session in the aftermath of the terror attack at two mosques.

19/03/2019 19:07
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  • Hamere M.
    20/07/2019 04:24

    God bless us

  • Hamere M.
    12/07/2019 22:12


  • Govind R.
    11/07/2019 09:01


  • Hanna H.
    30/04/2019 11:08

    tihs is friggin disgusting . this is not part of NZ and I am offended

  • Haruun M.
    30/03/2019 07:31

    She is better than so many men leaders ur great ms PM MY ALLAH BLESS U AND NEWZLAND

  • Bahtiyar M.
    23/03/2019 09:19

    Thank you from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

  • Ahsan H.
    23/03/2019 00:17

    Our heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister of NZ for her kindness and sympathy here from the UK. Allah the Almighty bless you and reward you and everyone abundantly. Ameen

  • Charlie K.
    21/03/2019 15:41

    Very beautiful. Primal. The essence of the human soul crying out to it's creator. A wonderful expression of New Zealand to the world of human love. Jacinta Ardern is the real deal as a role model for her family and the world. As a so called Christian, I wish I were as good.

  • Mohsin R.
    21/03/2019 06:11

    Togetherness is the most powerful tool against evil.

  • Mohsin R.
    21/03/2019 06:11

    We all need peace and prosperity to live happily.

  • Mohsin R.
    21/03/2019 06:10

    I really appreciate.. thanks .

  • Moaza M.
    21/03/2019 00:39

    Peace love ❤

  • Crina D.
    20/03/2019 22:21

    Is this a muslim country???Anyway,his place is in a mosque,not in a Parliament..

  • Jimmy E.
    20/03/2019 22:08

    Trou du cul

  • MarcBilal D.
    20/03/2019 21:12

  • Maico J.
    20/03/2019 20:28

    Shame for guvernement and all that traitors who spit on murdered Christians. Such a shame.

  • Troncota A.
    20/03/2019 20:00

    Smart move!

  • Ludovic C.
    20/03/2019 19:42

    Muslim, no muslim, doesn't matter in the front of the death, what's matter is those people didnt deserve to be killed by that stupid guy . I hope they didn't suffered. He deserve also to be executed.

  • Maico J.
    20/03/2019 19:40


  • Χαραλαμπος Μ.
    20/03/2019 19:39