• Paul T.
    24/08/2018 07:06

    We are all doomed how the hell did our forebearers manage

  • Ben L.
    24/08/2018 20:15

    Insulin is made in Wrexham, last time I checked that was in the UK..

  • Alan '.
    24/08/2018 21:13

    Doesnt alot of our medication come from the US? We have trade deal with them.

  • Clint K.
    24/08/2018 21:16

    Doomed I tells ya all doomed FFS get a grip and grow a pair of balls u twat our grandparents made it through the second world war with fuck all and u are gonna complain like a little girl not getting your own way

  • Tom J.
    25/08/2018 01:00


  • Ian R.
    25/08/2018 07:26

    Glaxo Smith Clyne based in uk

  • Jordan H.
    25/08/2018 07:30

    Changed their minds 😂

  • Zack W.
    25/08/2018 08:51

    Stop regurgitating shit that you heard in the corner of the wine bar and try and be a positive part of the democratic choice of the people.

  • Arron L.
    25/08/2018 10:24

    Someone educate this cunt.

  • Will B.
    25/08/2018 13:38

    Absolute bullshit.

  • Jamie G.
    25/08/2018 18:52

    Fucking half wit

  • Paul C.
    25/08/2018 19:31

    We are doomed most of our oxygen comes from overseas and the rain will stop at the channel

  • Paul C.
    25/08/2018 19:32

    I voted remain I've now changed my mind

  • Jack A.
    25/08/2018 22:41

    I voted leave. I still vote leave. Remember millennium bug...

  • Reece J.
    26/08/2018 07:56

    It’s stupid not stock pilling food and medicine. No deal brexit who cares the world is bigger than the eu we can trade with allot more countries

  • Jaspar W.
    26/08/2018 08:01

    Isn't this a fallacy though, because it's not like we won't be able to trade with the EU, we'll just be on WTO rules; which although more expensive mean we can still get the things we need.

  • Mark R.
    26/08/2018 08:18

    People this thick shouldn’t be allowed to vote

  • Richard D.
    26/08/2018 08:51

    Dear oh dear

  • Roy W.
    26/08/2018 11:33

    This is not new in the sixties there was a butter mountain didnt sell it they dumped it in the sea

  • Emma W.
    26/08/2018 11:35

    Anyone know where Metformin is made? My husband is a type 2 diabetic, the box says Liverpool but is that just where it’s packaged? His other meds are European and yes I’m panicking but I’m stockpiling