Protestors rally for abortion rights in Northern Ireland

After Ireland, pro-choice activists in Northern Ireland call on Britain's May to overturn its highly restrictive abortion laws.

30/05/2018 17:11
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  • King G.
    01/06/2018 01:03

    The end will come soon and we will all be judged. In the name of JESUS i pray that He will forgive you.

  • Kieron W.
    31/05/2018 21:01

    so we celebrating the right to kill an un born child ??? and these women are crying with joy ???? simple wear a condom its not dificult am sure the sufrigets will be turning i there grave !!! adults have a choice unborn babys dont !!

  • Bernie H.
    31/05/2018 20:25

    You had a Referendum and you want the result implemented?.. well good luck with THAT..

  • Victoria G.
    31/05/2018 17:04

    I don’t like aborted make ager 😡 please stop ✋!!

  • Elaine F.
    31/05/2018 09:13

    She scared of dup dinosaurs if she does they will walk out sulking they still live in the dark ages dont even help theyre own

  • Elizabeth L.
    31/05/2018 08:26

    Equality for LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 rights in NI are needed too!

  • Sadie A.
    31/05/2018 07:58

    I knew a lady when I was younger who has kidney failure, she was waiting for a transplant. She fell pregnant on accident but kept the baby. During her pregnancy she was dreadfully sick. She stayed the majority of the time in hospital and was put of machines because the risk of death. She nearly didnt make it and they had to C-section when she was 30 weeks pregnant. At the end she lived but she was lucky

  • Sadie A.
    31/05/2018 07:53

    I think the only time a baby should be aborted is when theres something wrong. Like the baby is formed wrong and wont live long once born or mother could die during pregnancy because of a heart condition or kidney failure..ect

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