Remembrance day for Migrants

They paid respect to all those who continue to die while fleeing war and persecution: Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants gathered with other migrant groups for a different kind of remembrance.

13/11/2018 17:45
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  • Usmann R.
    14/11/2018 04:01

    So proud of LGSM! More power to you all! Thank you for standing up the lost voices of the refugees. #AllOppressionIsConnected #WeAreInThisTogether 🙌🏽👏🏿✊🏾

  • Hamish W.
    14/11/2018 16:16

    Yeah ..except most of them arent refugees.....mostly young men of military age .

  • Steve B.
    14/11/2018 16:23

    Why don’t they all stay and fight like r great grandads did for us instead of running 😩

  • Chris B.
    14/11/2018 16:31

    And there are no countries in-between the U.K and Syria...Iraq...Afghanistan etc that can offer asylum? This is such libtard bullshit. 😠

  • Neil S.
    14/11/2018 16:32

    Snowflakes 🙄

  • Dennis B.
    14/11/2018 16:53

    Why would you leave your children behind totally wrong

  • Barrie S.
    14/11/2018 16:54

    Islam will sort them out

  • Dava S.
    14/11/2018 17:06

    Yea but when all these immigrants ...mainly muslim get power in this country you are all gonna end up skydiving

  • Potter R.
    14/11/2018 17:25


  • John D.
    14/11/2018 18:11

    So they support people , some of who want to kill them 🤔

  • Tom O.
    14/11/2018 18:31

    Passing through multiple safe country's , something doesn't add up here .

  • Charlie G.
    14/11/2018 19:28

    They support a cult of pure scum that would happily behead them or stone them to death (slow applause)

  • Chris D.
    14/11/2018 19:42

    Live of others,

  • Malcolm W.
    14/11/2018 19:56

    Good for you but just take a second to think about this. Most of the migrants coming over are of Muslim religion the same one who are against what you are. ( homosexual). Not all of them but a very large percentage. While your fighting for them to com here just remember they are the ones wanting to throw you off if buildings. And before you start screaming at me in capitals I didn’t say ALL.

  • Gary H.
    14/11/2018 20:00

    Not for me thank you !

  • Steve B.
    14/11/2018 20:01

    Talking like a true Englishman 😂

  • Steve B.
    14/11/2018 20:02

    Mr rana

  • Steve B.
    14/11/2018 20:25

    Wa**er traitor shite !

  • Nathan D.
    14/11/2018 20:26

    Never heard so much crap from one person just remember these refugees persecute gays and are mostly men Germany and many other countries have no go areas where there citizens will be attacked and raped by these so called refugees they should all be sent back to sort there own country out not come and ruin ours.

  • Shane G.
    14/11/2018 20:55

    You all won't shot