RIP Harry Leslie Smith

In his early life, Harry Leslie Smith fought in the skies for the freedom of his country. Later, he fought for other freedoms- like universal free access to healthcare. This is the story of his lifelong struggle for social justice.

28/11/2018 16:29
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  • Ashley S.
    01/12/2018 23:10


  • Andy H.
    01/12/2018 21:56

    Save the NHS,vote Tory , cos you can NEVER TRUST LABOUR whilst Corbyn in charge

  • George D.
    30/11/2018 01:47

    Whether there's National Healthcare or not corporations will still profit. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have National Healthcare. I think it's a good thing with the exception of a gift too much control to the government. The only reason I'm against it is because of government control. Anything that gives the government more power and control in my mind is a bad thing. They already have way too much power and control. I only wish there a clear answer on how this could all work. Obamacare is our national Healthcare System. Very few people like it it's not a good system. I can't afford my medicine as it is. I know big Pharmaceutical runs and controls the FDA and it's all for-profit huge profit. There is a lot of corruption in this country but I do not believe they giving the government more control is the answer. I don't know what the answer is. I guess maybe I do know what the answer is. For the Lord to come back and clean up this mess. In due time he will

  • Patricia J.
    30/11/2018 00:54

    England is a country who has been without National Healthcare and who now has it and clearly the people prefer to have it. They wouldn't fight to keep it if was a bad thing. Propaganda is fierce to keep Americans fearful of Medicare for all because big corps don't want to lose the profitting that comes along with our illnesses. You know I'm currently living abroad in a country with National Health Care... I've never once talked to anyone.. not one person here who would trade theirs for ours. There are plenty of people here on this post that are on national Healthcare... you can ask questions to them... I'm sure many would be happy to answer xo

  • Patricia J.
    30/11/2018 00:31

    This is still happening in my country (America). :'( so many go without care and medicine because they can't afford it. And for those who can, still they are just a serious illness away from losing their homes and backruptcy because insurance doesn't cover all expenses. It's horrible.

  • Rex S.
    29/11/2018 22:34


  • Conchúr Ó.
    29/11/2018 22:22

    Rest in power comrade

  • Sharron S.
    29/11/2018 22:10

    Wonderful man

  • Eileen B.
    29/11/2018 22:04


  • Jane P.
    29/11/2018 21:39

    What a wonderful man.

  • Dale W.
    29/11/2018 21:21

    Bless you darling man never to be forgotten. Rest in peace with our father.

  • Breda L.
    29/11/2018 21:00

    Perhaps the Americans could be shown this speech, might make them reconsider their opinion that only the well to do can have access to healthcare.

  • Wayne T.
    29/11/2018 20:59

    What a great person, a inspiration to us all. Would have made a great Prime Minister. RIP 😔

  • Anna W.
    29/11/2018 20:47

    Rip bless you !

  • David M.
    29/11/2018 19:30

    Bless him

  • Steph B.
    29/11/2018 17:36


  • منير ع.
    29/11/2018 16:39

    We cant forget this man he spend his life fore his case he is a good man Muneer azizi

  • Sammy X.
    29/11/2018 16:38

    Great man

  • منير ع.
    29/11/2018 16:37

    He is a good man such a wonderful man he is akind man

  • Royston T.
    29/11/2018 11:28

    A wonderful man never forgot his roots man of the people

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