She launched the biggest petition in UK history

Her petition to revoke Article 50 received more than 6 million signatures, making it the biggest to be put before UK Parliament. Here's our exclusive interview with the one-woman force behind it: Margaret Georgiadou.

02/04/2019 16:27updated: 03/04/2019 08:05
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  • Ken S.
    05/11/2019 02:06

  • Robert A.
    28/04/2019 14:30


  • John R.
    08/04/2019 06:57

    Seems a nice lady who succumbed to “Project Fear” as many have. I see she didn’t Tweet Jorge Sorros or Tony Blair- sadly, people don’t realise who the real power is behind Remain.

  • Mark C.
    04/04/2019 04:36

    This country is tucked we need to leave before it becomes britainistan.

  • Dean S.
    03/04/2019 18:59

    I find a lot remainers be it politicians or the public very pius...if they think that stopping Brexit is a virtuous thing then they believe there virtue is above Democracy...

  • Ken G.
    03/04/2019 17:49

    Good on you Margaret 🤘

  • Besnik C.
    03/04/2019 11:21

    European trading laws are awesome!!! BUT only that because the rest of the lwas they have are nonsense!!! I got happy when UK said that they will go out of europe but with the thinking that they will just threaten EU to change some laws because they need that. European union must make and update to the laws they have immediately to save whatever is left!!!

  • Stevie D.
    03/04/2019 09:08

    "If you're Guy Fawkes then I'm Artemis the Huntress". Golden.

  • Paul C.
    03/04/2019 08:25

    Didn’t beat 17m tho And how do we know there all Illegal to sign the paper 🧻

  • Michael B.
    03/04/2019 06:49

    What happens if you are successful in revoking article 50? Where do you go from there as a nation?

  • Neville A.
    02/04/2019 23:37

    It's quite enough of BRAIN WASHING

  • David S.
    02/04/2019 21:49

    Rubbish wouldn't stand up to scrutiny, media love it

  • Nguyen M.
    02/04/2019 21:32

    "Referendums are not legally binding, so legally the Government can ignore the results; for example, even if the result of a pre-legislative referendum were a majority of "No" for a proposed law, Parliament could pass it anyway, because parliament is sovereign"

  • Charles N.
    02/04/2019 21:27


  • Elena S.
    02/04/2019 21:09

    These petitions are fake! you can submit more than one vote to some of them, with fake emails. Anyway i feel sorry for the UK people, they're blackmailing you trying to scare you with the worst scenario they can portray for you , while everybody in Europe is wishing and actually trying to get out of the e.u., so be wise! Don't let bruxelles fool you!

  • Ray E.
    02/04/2019 19:50

    It's not a referendum it's just an open petition is all

  • Sosho N.
    02/04/2019 19:50

    Such a Circus when in Reality the Biggest Nations ,Bow down to No-One... But EU Politcans, force the Smaller Nations like Eastern Europe to Join the EU or face being put in the Economic Stone-Age ... However England Owns part of the World Bank Like I Said before Queens the Boss...Case Closed...End Of***

  • Sosho N.
    02/04/2019 19:45

    Nonsense Like The Queen is Going to Let Merkal or Macron Run her, Show, England would Scorche the Earth and So would America if they Ever Have to give up One, Inch of there Soverign Territories, not in this Life-Time The EU was just a Coffee break /Lunch Idea , I don't know why The Queen just, doesn't say ,let me write a Check and buy all you Fekers up Shat up I am the Boss Lady, Case Closed...

  • Sebby D.
    02/04/2019 19:30

    Fake one!!

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