The life of Julian Assange

After seven years in confinement, master computer programmer Julian Assange was arrested on the 11th of April this year. This is his life story.

17/04/2019 13:22
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  • Jocelyne W.
    25/04/2020 16:50

    The saying from 'Plato'! People who tell the truth are hated

  • Magda T.
    18/04/2020 13:08

    Huge disinformation campaigns about him. He is an investigative award winning JOURNALIST, founder of Wikileaks. Fighter for an independent a free press. Now political prisoner. Without him war crimes would never have been known to us CITIZENS. please look for serious info on him by Nils Melzer, John Pilger, Daniel Ellsberg, Stefania Maurizi who are trustworthy. Find them via youtube f.i. Most important political process of our times.

  • Aurélien D.
    18/04/2020 11:43

    Thank brut for this vidéo ! 💖 freedom for Julian Assange !!

  • Richard J.
    20/11/2019 18:50

    A Very Colorful Enlightened Individual !

  • Andrei C.
    21/04/2019 23:59

    The masono-semite Trump talked a lot abt Wikileaks in his presidential campaign, in order to deceit the americans he was not a Rothschild's puppet like 99% of all other presidents.Now, Trump says he doesn't know abt Wikileaks or Assange. Conclusions?

  • Emil Z.
    21/04/2019 08:13

    Freedom of speech, obviously these days means, that you are free to speak only convenient " truth " Everything else ,is punishable by law ( hence criminal offence 😉)

  • Bounif M.
    21/04/2019 06:42

    Such brave man

  • Mario v.
    21/04/2019 06:37

    It doesn't matter where you are, to be a victim of decisions between diplomatic entities and people, which most of the time, are not beneficial for the spread mass population, only for their families. These people were afraid, and wants him to shut up, these people wants Africa to be poor, war in Middle East, inequality between European Union countries. I feel like we are now anymore owners of our lives.

  • Łiam P.
    21/04/2019 01:30 Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk!

  • Glas Z.
    21/04/2019 00:03

    And now he is fucked! Wery soon he will become forgoten! :(

  • Jari P.
    20/04/2019 18:48

    Arrested for what?

  • Силвия П.
    20/04/2019 11:14

    Уж навсякъде е демокрация, а искат да убият човека, просто защото мрази лъжата!!

  • Singular N.
    19/04/2019 21:17

    Those reporting crimes will always be punished by those committing the crimes

  • Alfred S.
    19/04/2019 19:43

    And he is judge for telling the truth

  • Souhail A.
    19/04/2019 18:26

    Nodays all it takes to arrest a man is find 2 gold diggers and claim they were sexually assaulted. Stupid.

  • Michael W.
    19/04/2019 17:30

    I thought you founded wikileaks 😂

  • Naomi T.
    19/04/2019 16:58

    As far as I know, freedom of speech still counts even when leaking "secret" information...

  • Cihad T.
    19/04/2019 06:07

    Omg big love for Vivienne Westwood and this amazing man !!!

  • Konstantin K.
    19/04/2019 06:02

    пидор подхуйловский

  • Oliver S.
    19/04/2019 03:28

    The funniest part is they will still jail him.