UK Parliament declares climate emergency

The UK Parliament has just become the first in the world to declare an environment and climate emergency.

02/05/2019 16:30updated: 03/05/2019 19:00
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  • Linh N.
    07/05/2019 15:46

    Thank fore fore the protesting

  • Shelley D.
    06/05/2019 18:39

    yeah, now they have to actually DO something

  • John R.
    04/05/2019 17:23

    same police access as a terrorist emergency?

  • Hawkara Q.
    04/05/2019 10:18

    The climate has already started changing in the middle east of the planet, unexpected weather changes have left everyone here in awe. No room left for doubt

  • Michael F.
    04/05/2019 08:02

    I haven't been able identify the details of this "Climate Emergency". Wales also declared "Climate Emergency" a few days ago but as far as I can see, the Danish Energy Agreement of 29 June 2018 is more comprehensive and far reaching - even it doesn't have such bombastic headlines. We need to continue putting pressure on the worlds politicians and change our personal habits and behaviors.

  • Altaf M.
    04/05/2019 05:35

    Salute the Uk parliament for rendering a good descion on climate change!

  • Ikahn E.
    04/05/2019 02:17

    When future History is written by the Democrats, There will be a reckoning with nature and the absolute denial of it all by Republicans..

  • Mona G.
    03/05/2019 23:54

    So now these morons are listening to Children tell them how to run a country. Are you really that stupid.

  • Mona G.
    03/05/2019 23:53

    OK now lets watch them drive themselves over a cliff with this nonscense. The stress of ths crap alone will cause major riots. Pres Trump I would not look to England as a trading partner in 5 years they will have nothing to trade.

  • Santiago V.
    03/05/2019 22:40

    Y en Colombia para cuándo!?

  • Frank M.
    03/05/2019 22:05

    And we have a dictator and corrupt senate sitting on their cash gained from selling their votes to the one percent and to corporate america

  • Mohe M.
    03/05/2019 19:58


  • Mel O.
    03/05/2019 19:24

    The human and national atrocities committed by england is nothing short of what nautzis committed. england took over countries enslaved their people, destroyed their independence, culture, language, history, education, innocence, moral, governments, and stole their land, their wealth and instilled corruption, illiteracy, betrayal, dependence, poverty and misery in their people. To this day, wherever england had gone, the people and the country have not recovered from misery. From south America, Africa, Asia and any other place that these thieves could travel. Even this country, the US is still not safe from the british people/government.

  • David M.
    03/05/2019 16:51

    The English has lost their collective minds.

  • Kycka J.
    03/05/2019 16:05

    If u solve problem in europe u will just transfer it to china and other third world countries ... end of story

  • Eduardo P.
    03/05/2019 15:50

    Better listen to his brother...

  • Brut
    03/05/2019 15:23

    From protesting naked in British Parliament to filling the streets of London with red paint, these are the acts of civil disobedience that brought the world's attention to climate activist group Extinction Rebellion.

  • Korey C.
    03/05/2019 15:12

    Bahahahah. This is the same place where knives ar illegal

  • Nelson T.
    03/05/2019 15:02

    We were in a climate crisis in 1997 when the Kyoto Protocol was signed. Why is it now, 22yrs later that we’re actually doing something? Tbh we’re 22yrs too late and most scientists are in agreeance with that.

  • David M.
    03/05/2019 14:45

    Riiiiiight. Baaaaaa baaaaa sheeple