What did Jeremy Corbyn just say?

Nobody is sure whether Jeremy Corbyn used this sexist slur against Theresa May in Parliament.

19/12/2018 16:58
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  • Scott K.
    19/12/2018 17:32

    no he did not he Clearly said stupid People!

  • Simon R.
    19/12/2018 19:50

    Deffo stupid people. Does it really matter though.

  • Donovan R.
    20/12/2018 07:20

    One of the few MP's who has sent his entire life fighting against misogyny, racism and fighting for equal rights is accused of sexism. Um, yeah, never mind that this distracts from the problems around Brexit.

  • Sasa V.
    20/12/2018 12:36

    Well she IS a stupid person and degenerate.

  • Elfat Q.
    20/12/2018 12:59

    Well, he could not say stupid man to a woman, or could he? 🤔

  • Бојан Р.
    20/12/2018 13:03

    Yes, she is stupid. Where's the problem?

  • Nada S.
    20/12/2018 13:05

    Oooooooooh,Englezi takodje maju glupsonku na vlasti?Znaci nismo jedini?!

  • Stasy J.
    20/12/2018 13:13

    What hurts more, that he said it or that he said the truth???

  • Mark D.
    20/12/2018 13:18

    Thankfully for the socialists with in the Lairbour party......the afro british, non dyslexic, accountant, is a model for our university system...other wise k. That and she's happy to have sex with a skinny white nown as Diana Abbott is what we should aim for..

  • Maruso T.
    20/12/2018 13:20

    So ?? Is it insult these days to say that somebody is stupid ?? He said it.And what ?? He should go to jail ??

  • Mark D.
    20/12/2018 13:20

    That and she was willing to have sex with a skinny white guy to futher her illustrious career.....

  • James M.
    20/12/2018 13:24

    all time first politician tells truth and gets into trouble where as the woman has been lying since she become pm they are a right peice of work these tory two faced wankers

  • Nada V.
    20/12/2018 13:31

    All the World is impressed by you, Theresa ! What a funny "lady"!

  • Sushila G.
    20/12/2018 13:39

    He said stupid people,it is clear to see.

  • Juan C.
    20/12/2018 13:59

    Stupid ppl

  • Росен К.
    20/12/2018 14:24

    I have one very blunt question: so what if he said that? Not a supporter of either side - just wondering where the problem is. He got told off, he got angry, he said "that stupid woman" or something like that. So...? Will you think it's sexist if someone tells you "you're a stupid man"? 🤷‍♂️

  • Doar V.
    20/12/2018 14:27

    Aaaaand another stupid english crap it can be called like that. Instead of focusing on bigger, more important issues..everyone goes crazy if someone called the pm stupid..

  • Ivan H.
    20/12/2018 14:34

    Ohhhh noooooo he called a whaman stupid! Resignation is at hand! ahahahahhaahahaha

  • Маргарит Д.
    20/12/2018 14:38


  • Dean D.
    20/12/2018 15:04

    Treba moliti Evropu da vas primi nazad i treba se izviniti .Treba pomoći i izbeglice iz ratni podrucja to je fer.