What Venus can teach us about global warming

Millions of years ago, there might have been life on Venus. How did it turn into an uninhabitable, hellish place? 'Astrophysicist Barbie' explains what we could learn from our sister planet…

03/06/2021 16:25updated: 03/06/2021 18:00


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    21 hours

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  • Athena B.
    6 days

    Thank you so much for the feature! I had such a great time doing the interview!! VENUS IS AWESOME! And I can't wait for 's DAVINCI+ and VERITAS missions!!!

  • Denise T.
    05/06/2021 15:12

    This is so amazing 👏

  • Hasan F.
    04/06/2021 23:19

    Maybe the distance between sun and planets are changing.

  • Dounia V.
    04/06/2021 12:48

    Interesting !

  • Ivancho C.
    04/06/2021 02:36

    How about Uranus? 🤔

  • Ashling M.
    03/06/2021 22:31

    Which will be a similar fate for earth if man made global warming takes hold.

  • Gregory W.
    03/06/2021 20:52

    If it was that hot then water would have never been able to form there. It would have only and always been vapor only.

  • Brut
    03/06/2021 17:32

    NASA announces two new missions to investigate how "Venus became an inferno-like world":

  • Brut
    03/06/2021 17:30

    For more details on her work, check out Athena Brensberger's page, .