Whistleblower interrupts charity sex abuse conference

"This is really about giving truth to power." This protester forced a minister to go off-script and recognise sexual abuse in the charity sector. 💪

19/10/2018 13:25
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  • Jamie H.
    22/10/2018 11:36

    Here we go 🙄, so much delusion

  • Gyorgy H.
    21/10/2018 18:51

    Ce ziceți, politicieni români?

  • Roman T.
    21/10/2018 08:53

    Christian Murphy how did they get her audio so clear? We could barely hear it??

  • Junaid Q.
    20/10/2018 22:12

    I'm surprised that she was not removed by security. Respect to her for such a brave action

  • Ali R.
    20/10/2018 21:37

    Today i saw around 7 or 9 very young boys may b ages 12 to 14 n only one girl age 12 to 14 they r doing sex nobody was stoping them I didn’t stop them as well im new in England so I thought if i stop them they will attack on me is there any protection law for this because they r just child they don’t know what they r doing im very afraid of it