• Jonathan S.
    27/09/2019 09:12

    She talks about defending democracy but is opposing the biggest democratic vote in UK history hmmmmm interesting.

  • Paul T.
    27/09/2019 09:43

    She is a nobody

  • Filipe A.
    27/09/2019 09:44

    Corbyn four times and counting

  • Ronald B.
    27/09/2019 10:27

    Democracy, she does not know the ,meaning of the word and one day he will forced out of our country back to the GUTTER where she came from.

  • Jamillah S.
    27/09/2019 10:39

    No one above the Majesty God Protect the Queen of England . PM Boris Johnson Chosen to Protect The Country The People .The Economy . Stop invaders .stop country sabotage .stop pointless funds .

  • Robbie B.
    27/09/2019 12:20

    Vile creature

  • Glenn M.
    27/09/2019 17:24

    Junk 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Judith S.
    27/09/2019 17:45

    She only represents the money people pushing this. Nothing more.

  • Paul C.
    27/09/2019 19:14

    She should go back to her own country and poke her nose in to there government bye bye 17.4 million people won now that’s democracy

  • Robert L.
    27/09/2019 19:31

    Fabulous women respect

  • Richard B.
    27/09/2019 22:43

    A pawn for the big money men

  • Stephen W.
    27/09/2019 23:47

    Defence of parliament is vital to democracy.

  • James W.
    28/09/2019 05:30

    The evil witch of Azkaban and her corrupt judges victory will be short lived, the will of the people will prevail.

  • Daphne Y.
    28/09/2019 06:31

    No. She is now the most hated person bar one in Britain. 17.4 million citizens abhor her! Loser!

  • Destiny N.
    28/09/2019 06:50

    The little she didnt realized was that she defeated herself

  • Diana D.
    28/09/2019 08:05

    She works for the NWO

  • Gul S.
    28/09/2019 08:38

    What u call democracy u don’t even accept brexit results it dosent matter how they won u should honour the results I voted remain

  • Sebby D.
    28/09/2019 09:40


  • Taia K.
    28/09/2019 11:24

    Who paid for all those years of college? British taxpayers?

  • John B.
    28/09/2019 12:19