Why environmental pledges don't go far enough

They’ve declared a climate emergency, promised to be net zero by 2050 and pledged money for climate aid. But the UK government could do better. Here’s why.

10/07/2019 16:59updated: 10/07/2019 18:34
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  • Kevin B.
    12/07/2019 04:49

    The UK government couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery!

  • Tom H.
    12/07/2019 03:38

    They should be cranking the pressure on the united states fierce.

  • Jesús G.
    12/07/2019 01:40

    El problema es que van a seguir mandando las manufacturas de productos que mas contaminan a países de tercer mundo, con gobiernos corruptos donde se olvidan de todo tipo de normas.

  • Gary B.
    11/07/2019 21:40


  • Anouska K.
    11/07/2019 21:28

    None of those set dates are soon enough! It need to happen now!

  • Paul R.
    11/07/2019 21:11

    That's all the government can do is suck the tax payers dry anyone can pledge it just needs to be acted on

  • Mat B.
    11/07/2019 20:21

    Corrupted continue to lie about it. Brainwashing the people. If they were worried about they would plant trees. What humans have done or will do doesn't matter. The world will destroy itself.

  • Yves V.
    11/07/2019 18:15

    2050 😀 Sounds like never.

  • David H.
    11/07/2019 17:07

    too little to late

  • Khoo A.
    11/07/2019 17:05

    China and India are becoming conscious that they need to plant more trees to contribute to the Lost of greenery that can help in reversing the global warming. Yet USA can only give suggestions but not doing enough although they are supposed to lead in their researches!! Something need to be done on their part instead of announcing and do so little to inspire other nations. In fact Asian countries such as China and India are taking actions better than words!!

  • Brian H.
    11/07/2019 16:39

    Nothing good about the climate crisis the scientist continue to prove its real and it's happening It's time to do your bit and stop denying At least think of the younger generation. Also 2050 is out of date it's 2030 now....

  • Jennifer T.
    11/07/2019 14:11

    Just wait once the conservative government is back in power in Canada they will follow Trump, any efforts Canada makes now will be scrapped.

  • Vikki M.
    11/07/2019 14:07

    What about tackling factory farming

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  • Jonathan M.
    11/07/2019 13:57

    "The US is the biggest culprit" and yet it led the world by reducing its emissions more than any other country. The scientific evidence is that spending all this money may reduce global warming by 0.5 C at the cost of many of the poor being unable to afford to heat there homes in winter, and the third world gets its economic growth stifled which was bringing more poor out of poverty each year. Crisis? Do some independent research on some neutral sites instead of listening to those who are already all in on the question.

  • Blair J.
    11/07/2019 12:46

    Always promising something after they’re gone....

  • Brett S.
    11/07/2019 12:42

    Get the army to plant forests.

  • Patrice G.
    11/07/2019 12:26

    However, the ex P.M. won't be around in 2050 😂

  • Perry B.
    11/07/2019 12:20

    2050.........why bother to announce it at all then 😡 what an absolute joke in the face of any and all who are striving to keep the ecosystems of this world alive.